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You can see that here, and it’s also linked from the main Virtual House Tours page – there’s a link to that over in the right-hand sidebar under the “about” heading. I’m hoping to have a virtual tour of the house – what it looks like now that we’re living here – in the next month or so.

* * *
Y’all crack me up. What should have put you all on high alert that I was lying about how I spent my anniversary was the idea that I slept until almost 10:00. For me, sleeping in ’til 9 is total lazy slackerdom – I don’t think I’ve slept in later than that since the spud and I flew back from Hawaii and I didn’t get any sleep at all, so I went to bed at 7:30 in the evening and slept ’til 11 the next morning. The funny thing is that when I was telling Fred what my entry was going to be about, he thought about it and then said, with much concern, “You’d really want to buy an isolated island in the Bahamas?” Oh, I don’t KNOW. How’sabout you win us $100 billion in the lottery and we’ll negotiate the terms after that, foolio!
* * *
Have you watched any of Meerkat Manor yet? I’m hooked and I can send you the first 2 seasons if you want. It’s sooo cute! I’ve seen several episodes of it, and have a bunch more saved on the DVR, but haven’t had a chance to watch them yet. I don’t believe there’s anything cuter on earth than a meerkat standing at attention. I NEED a meerkat as a pet! I totally do!
* * *
I knew it wasn’t true because you would be pissed as hell if a cleaning crew showed up and you hadn’t had a chance to clean up for them first. I would like to splutter about how that is SO not true, except it totally IS. Damnit. Of course, I probably wouldn’t have answered the door in the first place, because if I’m not expecting anyone, I don’t answer that damn door.
* * *
By the way, ever think about naming kittens after sports team figures? (e.g. Seaver, Jeter, A-Rod, Sparky, Moose, etc.) I hadn’t, but it’s certainly a good idea for the future – those of you who suggest cool cat names (and themes), rest assured that I have an email folder with your suggestions in them, and when I’m stumped I look through them!
* * *
Maxi and Newt are totally not your cats. People give cats who are not theirs soft pyramids to snooze in all the time. I object. I OBJECT. I did NOT buy that soft pyramid for Newt to sleep in. That’s Spot’s pyramid, and Newt just wandered in and made himself at home. Actually, I didn’t buy that pyramid at all, now that I think about it – I earned it through FreshStep Paw Points!
* * *
Maxi and Newt? NOT YOUR CATS! Never, ever never gonna have more cats than what you came there with. I remember this distinctly! So how many cats does that make now? I can’t count higher than 5. Do you have a new number at which you will NOT Go Beyond? Say, 10 cats? 12? 15? Bwaaaa ha haa! You just shaddup. I note that every time I say “We’ve got enough cats”, we end up with a hundred more. Back when I put up pictures of this house (before it was ours), I mentioned that “We have enough cats!”, and boom-boom! Maxi showed up with Newt and her kittens. So I’m not going to say we have enough cats. We do NOT have enough cats. More cats, please!
* * *
I still like the Tommy/Sugarbutt jumping for the feather toy shot. I believe Tommy’s jumping and Sugarbutt’s watching with his mouth open, as if he’s saying, “Awesome!” Of course, I have no idea when this one was posted. Here it is! (flickr)
* * *
Since when does Spot sport the paw of doom? That’s regarding this picture: (flickr) What happened is that Spot got too close to Maxi (Maxi’s the black cat on the rug; Tommy’s up on the counter with Sugarbutt and they’re acting like starving pigs the way they do every night) and Maxi turned and smacked him, and since shit rolls downhill, Spot turned around and smacked Miz Poo, who hissed and ran away.
* * *
That’s an awful lot of damn cats, but I gotta ask: don’t Maxi and Newt get the snackins? But of COURSE they get them some snackins. They get their snack on the front porch, though, ’cause otherwise our pigs will shoulder them out of the way and eat all the snack themselves.
* * *
Robyn, Have you read this story yet? I hadn’t seen that, so thanks for the link, Amy. That Zoey is one lucky little girl!
* * *
For months that picture of Mr. Boogers has bugged me because I couldn’t figure out who he reminded me of. It finally came to me: Howard Dean. Separated at birth! Now we just need a Howard Dean “Het” look, and my life will be complete!
* * *
Every day..? Does that include Weekends?! OMG I CAN GET A WEEKEND FIX OF ROBYN >D *Squeal* Yes indeedy, I’ll be updating every single day in November, the thought of which just makes me want to take a nap. Expect to have less content and more pictorial-type entries on the weekends. (Don’t ask me how that differs from a usual entry, because I’ve got no answer to that!)
* * *
“Ah surrenders!” Brudderly love. ::thlurrrp:: Bath time! “Um, NO. There is NO ROOM on the platform, so move away. MOVE AWAY, I say!” The look on Jesikat’s face is cracking me UP! Pretty Deuce. ********************** Stinkerbelle is just girl in love, who will NOT leave poor Tommy alone. Good thing for her that Tommy’s such a sweet and patient boy!
* * *
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10 Responses to “11-02-07”

  1. nanamama says:

    OMG—I love the Meerkats too. I am totally hooked on that program. It is fan-tab-bu-lous. Sooooo cute.

  2. LisaL says:

    I love the before-and-after pictures. It still amazes me how much difference seemingly small changes can make, such as crown molding and new knobs on the kitchen cabinets. BEAUTIFUL painting job throughout, too. The whole house looks brighter and sunnier.

  3. Amy says:

    I am totally hysterical over the Boog/Howard Dean shot. That is some funny shit!!

  4. Amy says:

    Your home is absolutely adorable! I love the changes you made in it. It looks so comfy and cozy.

  5. Patty says:

    The HGTV addict in me thank you for the virtual house tour!
    I so love Stinkerbelle…she’s so pretty!

  6. Lo says:

    Thanks for the Tommy/Sugarbutt shot! That’s my very favorite of all of yours! It’s perfect!

  7. Val says:

    Spot paw o’ doom picture. It appears that I was so dismayed about Spot’s pow o’ doom, I never noticed the pathetic cats on the counter. I remember wondering where Sugarbutt was – missin’ snakin’ time – unbelievable??!! I did not realize that is was Maxi in the gang and the two impatient, starving cats where on the counter.

  8. patns says:

    Stinkerbelle has good taste that Tommie was a cutie right from when he was a kitten. I just love the feathertoy one with him and Sugarbutt.

  9. Cindie wooten says:

    Nice job on the house! (you have a ghost in your house though) 🙂

  10. Aly in GA says:

    Just finished taking the house tour. Is it my imagination, or did you change the knobs on the kitchen cabinets? I know you didn’t replace the cabinet fronts, but they look totally fresh and appeard to be sporting new knobs.

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