4/23/10 – Friday

Upon reading through your comments on Monday’s entry (about how you found this site and how long you’ve been reading), it occurs to me that I ought to whip up a timeline of all the “big” things that have happened since I started this site, complete with links to each event. It sure would make … Continue reading “4/23/10 – Friday”

Upon reading through your comments on Monday’s entry (about how you found this site and how long you’ve been reading), it occurs to me that I ought to whip up a timeline of all the “big” things that have happened since I started this site, complete with links to each event. It sure would make my life a whole lot easier if I knew for sure when Fancypants went missing (2003), so I wouldn’t have to go back and search through my archives.

I don’t know, though. That seems like an awful lot of work.


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Robyn, do you find that there is a differance in the way your male vs. female cats treat the foster kittens?

I have gotten new kittens before and my male cats have totally loved them, groomed them and become just like a mother to them. I have rarely had a female cat do this unless she was there when the kittens were born. In that scenario, I have had a couple “share ” the kittens with the mama.

Do you find that female cats are just bitchier and less tolerant of others?

I think that while it depends on the cat herself, if my girls are anything to go by, then yes. They’re bitchy and less tolerant than most of the boys. With the exception of Sugarbutt, the boys are pretty tolerant of the kittens. Even Spanky, who usually has no use for other cats, will put up with the kittens getting close to him. As long as they don’t get TOO close, you understand.


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Do cats have anal glands? Typically, when a dog “scoots” he/she is expressing those glands. My groomer showed me how to do it manually with a paper towel, but I can’t say I’ve been froggy enough to try it myself. Nothing says “pervert” like squeezing either side of your dog’s anus and pressing upward…I feel odd enough shaving around their private bits!

Cats do have anal glands – we’ve been pretty lucky, though, that except for Tubby, none of our cats have needed their anal glands expressed. I wasn’t there when Tubby’s were expressed, and after what I heard of the experience from Fred, I am SUPER glad I wasn’t there!


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Random NY Housewives question – Why are they all orange? Esp Kelly? God, their skin must be like leather. Blech.

Oh, Shelly. Shelly, Shelly, Shelly. Obviously you don’t know that to be TRULY fashionable, you have to glow orange like George Hamilton. And THEN, when you die, they take your deep-orange leathery skin and make a lamp out of you! (I was going to say couch, but let’s be serious – none of those women have enough skin to cover a couch. Maybe a chair?) It’s the latest in high fashion!


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I started reading back in 1999(98?). I used to read a lame ficitional diary on Redbook site. And in the forum someone said, if you want to read a real online diary, try these… and it was your url and secraterri (who I miss terribly!) and someone else I forget now. Shortly after, I started writing on diaryland and moved a couple times since then.

Oh god, I read that horrible Diary of V on Redbook!!! It started out pretty good, but devolved into a total unbelievable soap opera, didn’t it?

I miss Secraterri, too!


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I really am happy, by the way, that you have kept with the email notifications and the one-entry-a-day, one-entry-per-page format and you haven’t migrated to Livejournal or devolved into just posting videos and links or deleted all your archives. I like the continuity here!

Generally, what you see here on this site is what I prefer to see at other sites – one entry per page, navigation links at the bottom of each entry, and fairly easy to figure out archives. It’s not always been easy to make the site look like I want it to, but it pretty much does these days. Which means, of course, that they’ll make some huge change to WordPress any second now and I won’t be able to figure anything out, and my page will be impossible to navigate. That’s what USUALLY happens, anyway.

You know, back in THE DAY, when journals were the norm and then blogs showed up, the idea was that people would use their journals for the long, personal entries, and then use their blogs to post links and videos and short blurbs. But then things progressed (AS THEY ALWAYS DO DESPITE MY PROTESTS) and journals and blogs morphed into one thing, and now you just never know what you’re going to get when you go to someone’s site.


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Yours was one of the first blogs I read, probably beginning sometime in 2001 when I was in college, although I don’t know how I found you. Funny (somewhat related) story. In my first job out of college (2002), I didn’t have a ton of work to do, and so I would read blogs for part of each day, yours among them. Christmas rolled around and a Christmas card from you showed up at the office, addressed to my boss (this was back in the days when you sent cards to readers). My boss had checked my browser history, stumbled across your site himself, and added his name to the Christmas card list. I freaked out, but didn’t mention it to him. Several years later he admitted that he thought we all spent too much time surfing the web, and he used your Christmas card to let me know that he knew what I was doing online. Needless to say, I no longer work for that sneaky man– I mean, just talk to me about it, dude. /super-long comment.

What a totally hilarious, passive-aggressive thing to do. I love it!!!


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Has anyone heard from Bonnie??

For those of you who don’t know who Bonnie is, she was originally at bontasia.com, and then she moved to another site, and ultimately ended up at This Will Fall Away. She last posted there in October 2008, and as far as I know she hasn’t been heard from since. I keep hoping that she’ll pop back up and let us know how she’s doing (and I hope she’s doing well), but so far, nothing.

If anyone hears or has heard from Bonnie, would you let us know?


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Did you ever think you would have folks reading your blog every day for 10 years?

I never thought I’d HAVE a journal for 10 years! When I first started, I thought I’d last maybe a week before giving up, because I didn’t figure I’d have THAT much to say. Then I thought maybe a few months… and then I hit a year, and kept on goin’!

Who knows how long this thing will last? Shall we aim for another 10 years? 🙂


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I don’t know why, but it continually amazes me just how much sleep these kittens require. They get up, run around like their butts are on fire for an hour when they’re first out of the room, and then the just CRASH. I try to never disturb a sleeping kitten, but boy – they are SO cute and fuzzy, it’s hard not to grab them up and snuggle them!


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Maura, in the Maura Cave, while Miz Poo runs by as quickly as possible.

Maura’s been really enjoying having the run of the house. She spends some time in the Maura Cave, but she also has other favorite spots, too – on the mat by the back door, in the computer room smacking kittens (she has no use for kittens, apparently), on the chair by my bed. Really, she’s pretty sure she’s the queen of the castle, and none of the other cats are messing with her (except for Jake, who will go over and rub on her. She’s pretty tolerant of him, too.)

I know that cats “see” more by smell than eyesight, but our cats REALLY seem to think, when they glance her way, that she’s either Tommy or Maxi, and they don’t think anything of seeing her sitting there. There have been no smackdowns at all, and if anyone gets too close to Maura, she lets them know with a growl that if they’re looking for a fight she will BRING IT ON, but it’s probably been the most peaceful transition from foster room to general population that we’ve ever had!


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Tommy in the back yard. Check out that frayed collar. Tommy needs a new collar (or new band for his collar, anyway).


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