10/22/10 – Friday

Do you remember Hoyt? Sure you do! He was one of the True Blood 6, was adopted locally, then returned to the shelter and adopted by reader Michelle in NC. Here he is as a little guy: Well, I got an email from Michelle yesterday, and she says: I have attached a couple of pictures … Continue reading “10/22/10 – Friday”

Do you remember Hoyt? Sure you do! He was one of the True Blood 6, was adopted locally, then returned to the shelter and adopted by reader Michelle in NC.

Here he is as a little guy:

2009-08-11 Hoyt


Well, I got an email from Michelle yesterday, and she says:

I have attached a couple of pictures of Hoyt. He just had his annual visit to the vet and my “little” boy now weighs 14lbs !! He’s still growing and if he gets as big as his paws he is going to be bigger than his brother. He is a healthy (not one incident of FLUTD or any urinary troubles) HAPPY, brat and I still love him to pieces. He and his big brother PitStop play together and enjoy romping up and down the hallway & stairs & chasing and wrestling each other. Hoyty boy loves everyone and everyone loves him. His favortie toy is a purple Kong that crinkles and we play fetch! He is still a BIG mouth and we “chat” all the time. He has been such a wonderful addition to our home that I don’t know what we ever did without him . Thank you for taking such good care of him when he was a wee lil buhbay.

Hoyt heard about Fran & Ollie and was sorry to hear of some other kittehs suffering with his problem. He demanded we send a check to help out 🙂 thanks for letting us know about them so we could help.

Isn’t he growing up to be one gorgeous boy? And so generous too! If anyone else would like to read about Fran and Ollie and find out how to donate, you can do so here.

(Thanks for the update, Michelle!)

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My very first cat died last month at the age of 13, and I was devastated because I had been owned by her since she was 6 weeks old. Since then our population has gone from 7 to 14 with the possibility of 15 if things work out. Can I tell my husband it’s your fault? 😉 Actually, he loves them all as much as I do, but he’s less than thrilled when I ‘forget’ to tell him I’m looking at rescues and bringing home new cats. Whoopsie!

Of COURSE you can tell him it’s my fault – what’s the worst he can do, show up at my house and dump off 15 cats? Good luck with that, SUCKAH, there’s a reason my address isn’t public! 😛

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Just a little heads up. Pyridium (the UTI pills that make you pee orange) can also stain your tears, and that can stain your contacts orange. Hope the UTI is better, they suck balls.

The UTI is completely better, thank god – my biggest concern was that I would go off to Myrtle Beach and suffer a relapse of it, which would have SUCKED, but nothing of the sort happened. I read on the box (which had an expiration date of 2008 and hadn’t been opened, but I used the stuff anyway!) that staining of the contacts was a possibility, but it didn’t happen. Is it wrong that I was just a teeny bit disappointed?

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I saw this McSweeney’s essay today and it reminded me of your Mr. Boogers and the m’fckin tomatoes entry. Not QUITE as funny, of course.

It’s decorative gourd season, motherfuckers.

Motherfuckers, I do enjoy a good decorative gourd!

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You mentioned that you love to burn candles and I was wondering how you keep the cats away from them? I love to burn candles too but it seems like every time I light one, little black or pink noses find their way there and I get scared they are going to get burned!

There are three spots in this house where the cats don’t go, so it’s safe to light candles there: on top of the canning cabinet in the kitchen, on top of the dresser in the guest bedroom, and by the sink in the downstairs bathroom. Oh, and the top of the cabinet in the upstairs bathroom, so that’s four spots. That’s where I burn candles, and as of yet haven’t had a problem with the cats.

My most memorable experience with cats and candles was when Miz Poo was little. At that point, we lived in our first house in Madison, which had a bar between the kitchen and the living room.

(Jesus Christ, that’s one classy picture, ain’t it?)

I had a candle on the bar, and Miz Poo was walking across the bar and stopped to examine the candle. I was afraid she’d catch her whiskers on fire, so I took a deep breath to blow the candle out, and she apparently thought I was gasping at something naughty she was doing, because she backed up and fell off the bar.

Also, I seem to recall Fancypants walked around with one side of his whiskers singed at one point.

In any case, I believe that curious cats will feel the heat of the candle on their whiskers and back off before they can go up in flames, but I’m not saying it’s impossible for them to catch fire, so I’d recommend putting the candles in spots they don’t ordinarily frequent.

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Well, that’s it. I’m burning at least one Yankee Candle today while I clean house. I love how the lemon scents make the house smell like I’ve been cleaning even when I haven’t.

I’d keep the empty YC jars if I could get every bit of old wax out of them. Is that possible?

That’s a good question – and one Elayne had an answer to:

I’ve had luck getting wax out of glass jars (not specifically Yankee Candles, though) by scraping as much out as possible (using an X-Acto blade or other long-handled blade) and then boiling the jar in a large pot.

Fill a pot with water to about 4 inches higher than the glass jar, standing up. Put the jar in so it fills with water and has the opening facing up to the surface of the water; add some silverware or something to the jar if it tries to float around. Boil it for about 15-20 minutes. The wax will melt in the boiling water and be buoyed towards the surface by the boiling water (although I have had some that went straight to the bottom, or just wandered around like it thought it was noodles or something).

When it looks like all or most of the wax has melted out, use tongs (carefully) to lift the jars out and dump the water. Wrap the glass in a towel to protect your fingers, and use dry paper towels to wipe out any remaining wax. Depending on how large the opening is, you might have to use the tongs to hold the paper towels to get all the way to the bottom.

Let the water cool so the wax will separate (more or less) and harden. Scoop out what floats free and throw it away, pour out the water and use a razor blade to scrape any that stuck to the inside of the pot. (Or, if you’re like I used to be and you have a special pan that you use for all your weird non-food-making stuff, just leave it, who cares.)

I only bother doing this if it’s a REALLY AWESOME jar. And one time I did because the jar was such a beautiful color, but the color turned out to be painted on with cheap, non-boiling-water-resistant paint. )c:

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I am imagining the Poo starving on steroids following you around trying to reinstitute snackin’ time. Those suckers make me want to mow the kitchen down. Oh it was a shot-maybe that’s better than the oral kind and probably doesn’t cause that side effect.

Miz Poo is an anomaly amongst our cats in that she does NOT partake of snackin’ time. She used to in the past – I have pictures of her bellied up to the snack plate alongside Spot – but at some point she decided that she was interested in NOTHING but dry kibble. We can’t even get her interested in any human food except for the juice from a can o’ tuna. Weirdo.

The steroid shots don’t seem to make her super-hungry as far as I can tell.

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I can’t bring myself to watch those hoarding shows, but am I to understand that keeping the empty Yankee Candle jars is a sign of some sort of hoarding tendencies? What if I NEED them some day?

Don’t judge. I actually keep STUFF in them. For REALZ.

Keeping a few empty Yankee Candle jars is not hoarding. Keeping 300 Yankee Candle jars is hoarding. Well, I guess keeping 300 Yankee Candle jars isn’t hoarding if you’re actually using them all, but you know what I mean.

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I see in your sidebar that you’re reading Replay. That’s one of my all time FAVORITE books. Can’t wait to hear what you think.

I enjoyed it quite a lot, even though I guessed the ending. Which probably wasn’t hard, since there was a limited number of ways it could go!

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So when will you admit that Corbett is an And3son? Hmmmm?

Hush, you. You guys always swear, every time I get a particularly cute foster that I fall in love with, that I’m going to keep one or more of them. Did I keep my sweet Mike Teevee or Gus? Did I keep Orange (whose Cookie name I cannot recall. Lorna Doone, I think)? Did I keep Marty or Moxie or the sweetest, most beautiful girlcat on the face of the planet, Elle? I did not. Really, if you think about it, we’ve kept very few of the 130ish cats we’ve fostered.

We have no plans to keep any of the Bookworms. I’VE SAID MY PIECE AND COUNTED TO THREE.

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your “conversation” photos just slay me! Have you ever seen the videos this guy does of the talking cats? There is also one with the cat talking to the fish in a tank… heh.

Love it! Have you seen this one?

That is TOTALLY me when I’m pissed off at some piece of electronic equipment. SO FRUSTRATING.

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ooh, is the water warm?

To me, the water in Myrtle Beach was too cold for swimming, but my father went for a dip one day. I require water much, much warmer than that. Because I’m a great big wimp, the temperature of the water in Florida or Hawaii is just perfect to me. When I think of the fact that as a child I routinely went in the water at the beach in Maine until my legs were numb, it makes me want to roll up in an electric blanket turned on high and stay there ’til I melt into a puddle.

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Did you get a new camera??? That looks like a DSLR!

It is a DSLR, but it’s not new. I don’t know exactly when we got it, but it’s been over two years since I ordered the “Field Guide” to the camera from Amazon (a book I haven’t so much as glanced at since I got it), so I’m going to guess it’s probably been close to three years since we got it. It’s a Sony DSLR-A100 and I like it a lot. I also have a Sony DSC-W300 which I use a lot, too.

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Did you go to any of the outlets? I think I left a lot of my money there. Gotta love Tanger Outlets!

We went to one of the outlet malls – I found the Sketcher mules I’ve been looking for and bought two pairs of them. I hit the kitchen store and bought a scone pan. I bought some $5 sunglasses. Most of the money I spent while I was in Myrtle Beach was on hoodies and t-shirts, though – we must have hit every discount t-shirt/ sweatshirt/ towel shop in the area!

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What kind of fish are the “nightmare” ones and the other single fish picture later? Hope neither is a fish I like to eat!

Those are carp. I wouldn’t say they’re inedible, but I don’t think they’re widely consumed in this country. I’ve heard that they’re a greasy fish.

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So, my parents left Tuesday morning. While they were here, who hid upstairs under my bed the ENTIRE time except for brief forays out in the middle of the night for food and litterbox usage?

“They was skeery.”

Ten minutes after they left, he was downstairs in the cat bed on the dining room table.

Big baby Reacher.

Corbie was also a bit of a scaredy cat, but my father coaxed him to within touching distance with a cat toy. Then Corbie developed a crush on my mother, and spent the rest of the time they were here either watching her from behind the couch or sitting in the hallway staring at her. Sunday night I couldn’t find him anywhere and got worried that he’d escaped the back yard (which he hasn’t done yet, by the way, but there’s always a first time!) and finally found him under the couch, laying directly under where my mother was sitting. Silly boy.

“Where she go?”

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If these mugs had been a bit bigger – or Starsky and Hutch a bit smaller – this would have been a funny picture. Those mugs both say “Dog Lover” on them.

It was maybe not a bright idea to put the mugs on a blanket before attempting to snap pictures. The blanket made the mugs kind of tippy.

And Starsky and Hutch refused to look at me.

And they kept tipping over.

Better luck next time, right? (Given the rate they’re gaining weight this week – these boys have FOUND their appetites in the past few days – I don’t know that they’ll fit in the mugs anymore!)

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Coltrane’s always got somethin’ to say.

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