1/24/12 – Tuesday

Haaaaaaaaave you checked out Dinosaurs Can’t Eat Pizza? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~   Speaking of DCEP, in Nance’s recipe for Mochies, when she said unsweetened baking chocolate. Who the fuck keeps that crap in their house?, I … Continue reading “1/24/12 – Tuesday”

Haaaaaaaaave you checked out Dinosaurs Can’t Eat Pizza?

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Speaking of DCEP, in Nance’s recipe for Mochies, when she said unsweetened baking chocolate. Who the fuck keeps that crap in their house?, I laughed. Because, hello. What the hell else am I supposed to keep between my giant bag of walnuts and my bottle of homemade vanilla extract?

2012-01-24 (1)

(The walnuts are for the Chickadees. When I remember to put them out, anyway.)

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We got a crapton (sorry to be so technical) of rain Sunday night/ Monday morning, and when Fred went to work at 4:30 yesterday morning, he got part of the way there and then had to turn around and go a different way to work because there was water across the road.

Before he left work yesterday afternoon, he stopped by a coworker’s cubicle to chat for a minute. Fred told him about the water across the road and how he’d had to turn around.

His coworker gasped.

“How will you get home?” he asked worriedly.

Good lord.

(He did not, as I would have, said “The same way I got to work, ya think?”, just said “I’m sure it’ll be dried up by now.”)

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Yesterday ended up being a mostly sunny day, and instead of snuggling up on the couch under a blanket of cats, I got a lot of stuff done around the house that desperately needed doing. Stuff like vacuuming the house, and then taking my Dyson apart and cleaning it using these here instructions.

Two things of note regarding the cleaning of the Dyson: (1) Yes, I’m back to Dyson. Dyson, why can’t I quit you? I tried like three different vacuum cleaners, and nothing works on our combination of rugs and hardwood floors as well as the Dyson does. I just need to accept that I’m a Dyson girl through and through. I bought this one during a Woot-off, and I would say I’ve probably had it about six months. It’s been doing really well until, oh, about the last month. I take the filter out regularly and rinse it, and I checked all the traps and nothing was blocking anything, and thus the reason I decided to give it a good clean. Which leads me to number (2) Guess what? My Dyson has TWO filters. And the filter I didn’t know about, the MAIN filter, the one that catches all the crap? It was NAS-TAY. It took me at least ten minutes of running water through the damn thing to get it clean. You’re supposed to give it 24 hours for the filters to dry, but I’m going to give mine ’til Thursday just to be safe. What? I am NOT using it as an excuse to not vacuum again ’til Thursday. I’m NOT!

I also went out and checked on the dogs and chickens and ducks. The pond is now full – it’s not full to the brim, but it’s certainly a full pond (which you’ll see for yourself come Thursday). I took a cup of chicken scratch out to the pond and the chickens accompanied me out. The ducks eventually came out, too, and wandered around for a while but didn’t go for a swim.

You know, it really doesn’t sound like I did all that much yesterday, does it? I also went out and cleaned the inside of my windshield, and organized the zillions of reusable grocery bags in the back seat, because I’ve been intending to do that forever. Then, knowing that I’d put in a full day’s work (hey, I did laundry and cleaned the kitchen, too!), I laid down on the couch with Miz Poo and half-watched The Real Housewives of Atlanta while I played Words with Friends.

Today’s the day I’m going to clean and straighten the garage. Maybe I’ll vacuum out the car, too. I’ve got to get that stuff done – today’s going to be sunny, but then the crappy weather’s going to move in again, and I need to be able to hibernate with no guilty “I need to do this!” thoughts harassing me.

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Someone asked in the comments yesterday if Lucy is still “cockeyed”, and the answer is that yes, she is still slightly cross-eyed. Sometimes she’s more cross-eyed than other times, and honestly sometimes I can’t quite tell the two girls apart. When I brought them home, Lucy was wearing a collar, but I took it off, and now I wish I’d left it on because it would make identifying who’s who in pictures much easier. Everett’s easy to ID because of his white whiskers, but the girls are a little more difficult to tell apart.

2012-01-24 (11)
But I do know that this is Lucy!

2012-01-24 (9)
And Everett and Sally. I’m also pretty sure that’s Alice right there. Nothing gets by me, y’know.

2012-01-24 (8)
He’s gone from one white whisker to two on each side!

2012-01-24 (7)
Everett in mid-air, having jumped up after the feather teaser. It kind of looks like someone threw him, doesn’t it?

2012-01-24 (6)
All three Peppers. That’s Sally in the front, Lucy in the middle, Everett to the right with his crazy white whiskers.

2012-01-24 (5)
Jake gets involved. I’m calling it a feather teaser, but it’s actually Da Bird, which I’ve read about on other cat blogs for months, and finally decided to get one for our cats. It moves like a bird, and I’m pretty sure Jake thinks it’s a real bird. He flies through the air, grabs it, and then will run through the house with it in his mouth if we let go of the pole.

2012-01-24 (4)
Even Miz Poo is interested!

2012-01-24 (3)
And Alice.

2012-01-24 (2)
Everett had to take a rest. Note Corbie back there, all “I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m staying out of the way!”

2012-01-24 (12)
The Peppers and Alice Mo. (Please do not get the wrong impression, here. Alice Mo has no use for those Peppers. But they’re on the area of the couch where the heating bed is located, and so she’ll put up with being near them for some of the heat.)

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2012-01-24 (14)
Left to right: Jake, Tommy, and Elwood, all snuggled up for nap time.

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