2/23/12 – Crooked Acres Thursday

Edited to add: NAME ONE OF EMMY’S (future, not born yet) BABIES! Go here to find out how! And here to see the spreadsheet (nothing there at the moment, but I’ll update it regularly!) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ … Continue reading “2/23/12 – Crooked Acres Thursday”

Edited to add:

NAME ONE OF EMMY’S (future, not born yet) BABIES!

Go here to find out how!

And here to see the spreadsheet (nothing there at the moment, but I’ll update it regularly!)

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Sights from around Crooked Acres.

2012-02-23 (1)
“There’s no seed block in this basket because that awful, awful woman let us run out! I wonder if there’s any seed in the feeder?”

2012-02-23 (2)
“Hey! I said no paparazzi!”

2012-02-23 (3)
House Finches, nomming.

2012-02-23 (4)
Male on the left, female on the right.

(No Cardinal pics this week!)

2012-02-23 (5)
Someone’s been rolling around in the leaves, clearly.

2012-02-23 (6)
Smug George is smug.

2012-02-23 (7)
I whip my hair back and forth/ I whip my hair back and forth/ Just whip it.

2012-02-23 (8)
Drum the pretty rooster, keeping an eye on his wimmins.

2012-02-23 (11)
I love it when the chickens run, they’re so funny.

2012-02-23 (17)
Especially the roosters.

2012-02-23 (18)
Hens hanging out in the muddy muddy mud.

2012-02-23 (19)
Angry Muppet will peck your eyes out.

2012-02-23 (20)
“What’s going on over THERE?”

2012-02-23 (22)
Rooster with the fancy feathered leggings.

2012-02-23 (23)
Better than a running chicken is a chicken who’s running whilst flapping.

2012-02-23 (21)
Pretty sure these hens are gossiping about me. The three Buff Orpingtons (yellow) and two Barred Rocks (black and white) are from our original flock, which we got almost five years ago.

2012-02-23 (10)
I love the way it always looks like ducks are smiling.

2012-02-23 (12)
I also love the purpley-blue feathers that peek out. So pretty!

2012-02-23 (13)
Ducks at the pond (but they weren’t up for a swim this time around. When things dry up out there, we’ll work on making it more inviting for them – I’m pretty sure I’ve talked Fred into duckweed, DB!)

2012-02-23 (15)
I’m oddly amused by the string of drooly-spit the one boy duck is dropping on the head of the other boy duck.

2012-02-23 (16)
Happy ducks.

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I was out running errands yesterday and stopped by Petsmart to peek in on Sally and Lucy. What’s funny is that I only intended to watch them through the glass, but one of the managers saw and recognized me, and opened the door to the cat room without my having to ask. Well then, of COURSE I was going to go in and give my girls some love. So I went in, and talked to Sally, and she was hesitant about coming to me, but the more I spoke to her, the more she meowed at me, and she finally gave in and let me pick her up and love on her. Lucy, who’s in the cage with the black cat (Bear Cub 1 or 2, but I think most of the volunteers/ adoption counselors are calling her Sissy Bear) came right over to be loved on. I petted and hugged and kissed them both for a long time (they were completely uninterested in each other, so I guess their hearts aren’t breaking over being separated), and when I put them back in their cages, they settled right down.

So in other words, they’re doing fine. Not adopted yet, but it’s still early!

2012-02-23 (24)
Before she went off to Petsmart, Sally developed a little crush on Tommy. All the girlcats eventually do.

2012-02-23 (27)
“Maybe if I just sit here and pretend to ignore him, he’ll notice me!”

2012-02-23 (28)
“He’s cuuuuuute.”

2012-02-23 (29)
“Juuuuust minding my own business, sniffing this box…”

Then she got tired of waiting and went off to take a bath so she’d be ready when Tommy came calling.

2012-02-23 (30)

2012-02-23 (31)

2012-02-23 (32)

2012-02-23 (33)
Eventually, she gave up on waiting for Tommy and curled up with Everett, who’s always good for a snuggle.

2012-02-23 (34)
Lucy on the scratcher.

2012-02-23 (35)
Lucy and the Ears of Slightly Annoyed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Emmy is doing okay. She’s lonely in there – I’m sure she’s always had other cats as company – and the sooner those kittens come along and give her something to do, the better, I think. I was in with her yesterday afternoon and Everett had followed me to the door of the room. He started howling at the door, and every time he meowed, Emmy meowed back at him (through the closed door, I should add).

I realized in the early hours of Wednesday that part of the nighttime howling might have been due to the fact that there were two mirrors on the wall at face level (face level to a cat, that is), and I’m thinking that she was seeing her reflection in the mirror and thought it was another cat. I took the mirrors out of there and left the light on, and there was a lot less howling.

I’m ready for kittens any time now, please and thank you.

2012-02-23 (9)
“Why you keep waking me up and pointing that thing at me?”

2012-02-23 (14)
“Am tryin’ to sleep, lady.”

2012-02-23 (25)
(This picture does no justice to the size of the belleh.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


2012-02-23 (36)
I really need to make an effort to get pictures of Joe Bob in places other than on the scratcher.

2012-02-23 (37)
“Am not moving from the scratcher. Is my favorite place to be!”

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