Frequently Asked Questions
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1. I thought I read a long time ago in one of your journals that you had a dog, I was just wondering what happened to it?

2. So why do you and Fred sleep in separate bedrooms?

3. Do you and Fred intend to have more children?

4. Why does Fred call you "Bessie?"

5. Do you know anything more about the TV shot that you guys did? When/where is it going to air, etc.?

6. Why the bad fuckin' language, bitch?

7. Do you hold any degrees?

8. Work questions:

Do you get bored not working and staying at home?  

Do you like being a homemaker? Have you thought about pursuing a career other than shopping, reading, and ass-sitting? Like writing, perhaps?

Do you ever think you'll go back to work?

I've read where you refer to the fact that you used to work with Fred at his office. What did you do there and why did you stop working there?

When you worked at Freds office, something happened there that was bad ( I think) you said when you were able to tell us you would, I think it was with an office girl or something, so what ever happened?

Why don't you hold a job? If you did, what would your dream job be?

What does Fred do for work? I know he has his own company, but I don't know what he does.

How come you never talk about that guy your hubby works with? It was hilarious hearing about him.

9. What ever happened to your sister's fiance?

10. What reason did you give your parents for moving out of state to Alabama?

11. How did you and Fred meet?

12. What's the latest with your thyroid?

13. Spud questions answered.

14. Who do you know in real life who reads your journal?

15. When you moved to Alabama did you experience a great deal of culture shock when you moved into the deep south?

16. When something funny happens between you and Fred, do either of you ask that it NOT make it to either journal?