Disclaimer: I guarantee you, this list is NOT complete. There are probably several journals and blogs I read, but forgot to include on this list. If you are the journaller or blogger I read but didn't include, I beg your forgiveness. It's not because you're not worthy of being on the list, but because I'm a ditzy airhead and cannot hold onto a thought for more than ten seconds before it goes flitting out of my brain.

This list is as complete as I was able to make it, as of November 19, 2004.

I do not ever intend to update this page ever again. I only went as far as creating it because a number of readers asked me to, and because I'm a wonderful person, I did. Now I'm done with it and never want to have to deal with it again, so if there are links to journals that no longer exist, I don't want to hear about it, mm'kay? They existed when I created this page, and probably at some point they went the way of the dodo bird.