you, I put a stop to that right away. If you’ve been taking copious notes, you’ll note that they put me on augmentin a week and a half ago, and it did not the slightest bit of good, so I had to go back and tell them, so they put me on tequin, which still didn’t apparently cure my ear infection. She went back out, conferred with the doctor, and they prescribed (I think) ceptin for me. Can you guess how much 10 days’ worth of this new antibiotic cost? Oh, go on, guess! One hundred and thirty-fucking-nine dollars. I shit you not. If this stuff doesn’t cure me, I’m going to have to have a screaming hissy fit. Between Fred, the spud and I, we’ve spent about $600 on drugs since the end of December, and I’m still not cured, damnit. Yeah, I know, woe is me. The kitten is sitting on the couch looking all sleepy and cuddlesome, so I’m going to go pick her up and cuddle her. Of course, she’ll probably fart on me, but that’s the price you pay for some cuddling.


darling, I adore your hair like that! It brings out your eyes and the beauty in your face, and every time I look at you, I can barely restrain myself from throwing you to the floor and making sweet love to you!", because personally you think you look kinda cute, but instead he squints at you and says "What? All piled up on your head? I guess it’s okay. I wouldn’t want you to go to the store like that or anything, but it’s okay when you’re slobbing around the house." ?


ebay crazies today. I haven’t been on ebay in a long time, probably since I discovered the site about a year and a half ago. At that point, I was bidding all over the place for collectible Coke memorabilia. Luckily, I was outbid most of the time, except for an old shot glass and a few other things. Anyway, I was surfing around at firstjewelry.com, looking for a pair of heart-shaped earrings for the spud, for Valentine’s Day. (Side note: I was all kinds of frustrated, because I put "heart-shaped earrings" in the search engine, and only one pair of earrings came up as a match. After much fuming and clicking around, it occurred to me to search on "heart earrings", which brought back 7 pages of stuff) I decided to check over on ebay to see what there was, and there was a perfect pair of dangly heart-shaped earrings, with the auction ending in less than an hour. I bid $9.99, and of course had to re-bid on them, since someone swooped in from out of nowhere and tried to outbid me with only five minutes left ’til the end of the auction. I ended up paying $17, which I still considered a pretty good price. That, along with a couple of small beanie-type dolls, and I’m done shopping for the spud for Valentine’s Day. Of course, after I was done bidding on the earrings for the spud, I went on to find a pair of opal heart-shaped earrings I would have liked for myself, and I argued back and forth (with myself, that is) whether they were too expensive (the current bid was $30) and whether or not they were worth it. I’m proud to say I talked myself out of bidding on them, although no doubt I would have been outbid eventually. Ah, well. It’s been raining like hell here, off and on since last night. There is nary a snowflake to be seen, though. I’m completely heartbroken, can you tell? Don’t you just hate it when you’re downstairs in the computer room with your husband, each of you on your own computer, and he laughs out loud, and you get all excited, ’cause you want to laugh too, and you say "What? What’s so funny?", and he shrugs and says in an offhand voice, "I’m just talking geek stuff with so-and-so", only instead of saying "so-and-so", he says the person’s IRC nickname? I can only assume they’re talking about me.


Heart and Souls with Fred and the spud (surprisingly, it wasn’t a bad movie at all) while eating a dinner of Fred-made pizza. Let me see, have I covered everything? Snow, sleep, reading, computer, eating. Yep, that’s it. Have a good one! —–]]>


me, I got to go to the gynecologists’ today! I know you’re jealous. Boy, if I could, I’d go every week, oh yes. Between the paper top that hardly covers me, and the flimsy sheet that goes across my lap and doesn’t cover my ass, I’m just in hog heaven, I’m tellin’ ya. If I were in charge of running a gynecologist’s office, I would suggest large cloth tops and lap cloths. I’d also hire nurses who wouldn’t look at the fat patients as if they’re a blight on the face of humanity and should be dragged out back and shot. But, you know, that’s just me. I sure could do without that rectal exam, though – I had forgotten how extremely uncomfortable that can be. So here in Alabama (state motto: We shut down the state for a week when we see two snowflakes in a row), we’re expecting a winter storm. In the Huntsville area (where I am), we’re expecting one to two inches, and the snow should start sometime after midnight. They’ve already cancelled school for tomorrow. Not that I’m complaining, mind you, because if the spud doesn’t have school, it means I don’t have work. I can’t be out there negotiating the scary, dangerous, two-snowflake-covered roads with the spud in my truck! I stopped by Wal-Mart on the way home this afternoon, and my god was it busy. People were wandering around with their carts piled high with chips and loaves of bread, periodically just coming a dead stop in the middle of aisles, directly in front of me, and staring at the canned soup like they had no idea what it was. Just standing there, staring, and not getting the fuck out of my way. Grrrrr. On the upside, they’d stocked the Little Debbie section, so my beloved Devil Cremes were in stock. So I ended up standing in the cigarette aisle to check out – I don’t know if it’s the same in all Wal-Marts across the country, but around here if you want to buy cigarettes, you have to check out at the register by the cigarettes – and ended up standing next to a latter-day Forrest Gump. Now, Forrest is all cute and amusing in the movie, but let me tell you, when he’s standing next to you yammering about snow, Indiana, and work, it’s more annoying, really. You know, I just for the most part can’t stand people. I know you’re surprised, but more often than not these days, I just want to smack people upside the head and tell them to go away. There were two people standing in line in front of me, each purchasing less than 10 items each, and I stood in line for ten minutes – and for once I’m not exaggerating. It was 3:20 when I got in line, and 3:30 when the cashier handed me my receipt. With Forrest babbling in one ear, I was sorely tempted to bellow "Jesus christ, lady, it’s not brain surgery!" Okay, I’m outta here. Everyone try to stay warm, and despite the horror of that whole inch of snow we’re supposed to get tonight, I shall persevere!


Devil Cremes, which pissed me off to no end, since I stopped at Wal-Mart this morning and they were also out of Devil Cremes. It’s a conspiracy! —–]]>


Bill and Hillary: The Marriage right now (well, not right this very second, but you know what I mean). I said to Fred "The author may be biased, but he sure makes Clinton look like a lying, cheating, morally bankrupt, skeezy, weak…" I’m going to go read some more and try to get warm. We’re supposed to have a winter storm Thursday night or Friday. It’s brutally cold out there right now, and it’s been flurrying on and off for several hours. Brrrrr. Y’all stay warm, now!


* * * Okay, I’m back. I was in the doctor’s office until 4:00, then waited around at the pharmacy for 20 minutes, came home, and we ate dinner, and now you’re all caught up!
By the way, I finally gave my url to my sister Friday night. Hi, Deb! She gave my url out to some oneline friends of hers, so Hi, Deb’s online friends! The other night, the spud spent half an hour on the phone chatting with a new-this-year friend, Becca. On her way to bed, she called down to Fred: "Fred, is F-A-G a bad word?" He said "Yeah, you might not want to say it in mixed company." "Huh?" she said, not knowing what that meant. "It’s not a nice word," I told her. "You shouldn’t say it." "Oh." Curiously, I asked "Why? Where did you hear that?" "Becca," the spud said. "She said Britney Spears is one. Well, she said she was an F-A-G -ette." Fred and I couldn’t help ourselves, and laughed out loud. "That’s not nice," I told the spud between giggles. "Don’t say it, okay?" "Okay." Talk about sending mixed messages, eh? Okay, I’m off to read or watch TV or something. Y’all have a nice evening, or day, or whatever it is when you’re reading this. Buh-bye!