* * * Okay, I’m back. I was in the doctor’s office until 4:00, then waited around at the pharmacy for 20 minutes, came home, and we ate dinner, and now you’re all caught up!
By the way, I finally gave my url to my sister Friday night. Hi, Deb! She gave my url out to some oneline friends of hers, so Hi, Deb’s online friends! The other night, the spud spent half an hour on the phone chatting with a new-this-year friend, Becca. On her way to bed, she called down to Fred: "Fred, is F-A-G a bad word?" He said "Yeah, you might not want to say it in mixed company." "Huh?" she said, not knowing what that meant. "It’s not a nice word," I told her. "You shouldn’t say it." "Oh." Curiously, I asked "Why? Where did you hear that?" "Becca," the spud said. "She said Britney Spears is one. Well, she said she was an F-A-G -ette." Fred and I couldn’t help ourselves, and laughed out loud. "That’s not nice," I told the spud between giggles. "Don’t say it, okay?" "Okay." Talk about sending mixed messages, eh? Okay, I’m off to read or watch TV or something. Y’all have a nice evening, or day, or whatever it is when you’re reading this. Buh-bye!