you, I put a stop to that right away. If you’ve been taking copious notes, you’ll note that they put me on augmentin a week and a half ago, and it did not the slightest bit of good, so I had to go back and tell them, so they put me on tequin, which still didn’t apparently cure my ear infection. She went back out, conferred with the doctor, and they prescribed (I think) ceptin for me. Can you guess how much 10 days’ worth of this new antibiotic cost? Oh, go on, guess! One hundred and thirty-fucking-nine dollars. I shit you not. If this stuff doesn’t cure me, I’m going to have to have a screaming hissy fit. Between Fred, the spud and I, we’ve spent about $600 on drugs since the end of December, and I’m still not cured, damnit. Yeah, I know, woe is me. The kitten is sitting on the couch looking all sleepy and cuddlesome, so I’m going to go pick her up and cuddle her. Of course, she’ll probably fart on me, but that’s the price you pay for some cuddling.