Y’all know that I volunteer for a no-kill cat shelter. I’ve volunteered for them for a few years now – maybe as many as five, I don’t remember exactly – and I’ve fostered for them, starting with Mia and her babies.

Last month, the shelter rescued 35 cats and kittens. That’s an amazing number of cats to rescue, but the problem is that for every cat rescued, that cat has to get its shots and be tested and spayed or neutered, and while the vet does all that at a discount for the shelter, it still costs $90 for the spaying/ neutering, ID chip, and rabies shots. The shelter adopts out cats and kittens at $100 apiece, which means they make a “profit” of $10 per cat or kitten. Except that there are operating costs: phone, utilities, lease, maintenance on the building, payroll, food, litter, medications, liability insurance, and the list goes on. $10 per cat or kitten adopted doesn’t do much to take care of those costs.

This time of year, the bills are high and funds are low. If you can possibly help to keep the shelter running – every little bit helps! – it would be appreciated more than I could possibly express.

I was planning on selling catnip bags and calendars beginning in December, but funds at the shelter are so low right now that I’m throwing myself (the shelter, anyway) on your mercy and asking you to give.

Honestly, how can you look at these sweet little faces and not want to help?






If you want to help, send an email to; I’ve set up an auto-responder that will immediately send you an email with the shelter’s address, phone number, and email address (I didn’t want to post that information in “public”). Tell her Robyn And3rson sent you! You can send a check, call and donate via credit card, or donate via PayPal:

And if you donate, let me know so I can keep track of how much money we’re raising. I’d LOVE it if we could come close to the $2,200 we raised in Mia’s memory last year.

Thanks in advance – I know how incredible y’all are, and I know that you sent a ton of money last summer when Mia died. It was an influx of funds the shelter sorely needed at that time, and it would definitely come in handy now.

And by the way, Fezzik, Princess Buttercup, and Westley were adopted over the weekend, PB and Westley to the same person.