Lost family cats in Texas

Hi Robyn,

You don’t know me but I’ve read your journal for several years and I was wondering if you could help some cats in need. Two of our cats are missing and I was wondering if you could ask your Texas readers keep an eye out for these two cats.

I live in a suburb of Dallas, Texas and a neighbor trapped and hauled off these two cats the weekend of 09/16-09/18/05 and we do not know where he may have taken them. We have spent the last month checking every shelter within 60 miles of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area but we have not found them.

It’s a long, involved story but the gist of it is: Our city shows a record of this neighbor checking out a live trap the weekend they disappeared (we were out of town and our house/cat sitter noticed the cats were gone) but the neighbor told the animal control officer that we sent to question him that he never caught anything in the trap. He has trapped them once before and had animal control haul them to the shelter but we rescued them from the shelter and kept them indoors after that. He was angry that we were able to get them back even though we started keeping them indoors all the time. We had started letting them out on a limited basis once we installed a Radio Fence system in our backyard and apparently they got out while we were away (probably because they were not used to the cat sitter). They would have had the red collar/black box labeled with their names on them when he dumped them somewhere. This neighbor has homes in Dallas, Austin and Mexico so we figure he could have thrown them out anywhere in the state. We figured he would have taken them far enough away that we could not get them back. If they have found a better home then that would be fine, but it’s the thought of them alone in the wild or thrown out along the side of a highway that is haunting us.

Their descriptions are:

Tom – male; brown, grey, white and black Tabby; neutered; paralyzed/gimpy front paw; he hobbles when he walks because his back legs/hips aren’t quite right either; he is approx. 4 years old.

Ginger – female; multicolored Tabby (ginger, white, brown markings); bright green eyes; soft rabbit fur; white socks; extremely sweet natured; spayed; approximately 2 years old.

Both would have had the Radio Fence collars w/receivers on at the time they were taken. Their collars had a label-maker label with their names on the receiver box.

They disappeared September 16th or so…taken from DeSoto, Texas but could be anywhere in the state because this man travels.

I am hoping you can help because I contacted everyone I could think of for help…SPCA, PETA, Humane Society, City of DeSoto, Animal Control and all the shelters we could find in the metroplex. I figured I’d just see if any of your Texas readers may have found them.

Any help is appreciated.

Becky (and David)
DeSoto, Texas

I can be reached at either bbloyed@hotels.com or dbloyed@airmail.net