So. Welcome to my journal. I’m your hostess, Robyn. Can I get you something to drink? No, I’m sorry. Here at bitchypoo, we only serve Coke and ding dongs. ‘Tis a quiet weekend so far at Robyn ‘n Fred’s house. I try to get all the laundry and errand-running done on Saturday so that I can loll about the house on Sunday. I’m really the laziest person you’ll meet, and can only motivate myself to get important things like laundry, grocery-shopping and other housewifely things accomplished by reminding myself that once they’re done I can lay around and do nothing. I hit Walmart yesterday morning to buy catfood (amazingly, 20 pounds of catfood lasts an entire month for us), and dragged the spud with me. Her hair is slowly growing out after the shoulder-length chopping this summer, and she desperately needed to blow her allowance on stuff for her hair. Which she will promptly lose under her bed and in her toybox, and come beg barrettes and ponytail holders off of me. So, I just got off the phone with my parents. They’re wanting to come visit in November, and we’re trying to pin down the best time. (When my mom first mentioned their potential visit, she suggested 6 days. Then my dad came up with a 10-day time frame that wasn’t good for us, and now he’s suggesting 11 days). And quick like a bunny I emailed my dad and told him that the 11 days he was offering were fine. So, tomorrow’s what? Columbus Day (observed)? I guess I’ll celebrate the holiday the traditional sit-on-my-ass-watch-tv-and-reading way. I’m such a patriot. —–]]>