I am married to a crazyman. When I got home from work today, the temperature outside was about 67. The temperature of our pool was 73. After Fred replaced the cartridge/filter thingy (that’s the scientific term), I helped him take the solar cover off the pool, and sat outside and kept him company while he cleaned the pool. Then we went swimming. The water was 6 degrees warmer than the air, but it still felt ungodly cold. Fred swam around, saying "What? It’s nice! I’m not cold at all!" while I sat in the shallow end–the end where the sun was still shining–and shivered.

After abuse like that, I was just not up to cooking dinner (but then, I never really am!). So Fred took the spud to Bruno’s (grocery store) and picked up some damn good fried chicken, okra, rolls, and devilled eggs. I just love it when I don’t have to cook. After dinner, what did we do? Did we sit in front of the television near a roaring fire and sip hot cocoa? Why, no. No, we did not. Instead, I sat shivering under a blanket outside while Fred and the spud went swimming again. The outside temperature was something painful like 58, but the pool temp was still 73. I sat and whined about how cold it was for about ten minutes, then escaped inside to lay under the comforter on our bed and gradually warmed up a tad.

Until Fred came inside and put his icy-cold hands on my neck. Gave me goosebumps, he did, the bastard. God, I love that man.

Fred was needing his cigarettes, and he’d left his only pack at work (he’s back to full-time smoking) so I rode with him to the store and then we drove up the street to the neighborhood with the really big houses. They’re very nice houses — and huge — but they’re on 1/2-acre lots, and I think we agree that we’d like a little more land than that.

I don’t know why we’re talking about buying a bigger house. We’ve been in this house less than two years, and it’s more than big enough for us. This Spring, we actually put our house up for sale and looked at many, many houses trying to find one we liked. We found a few we liked, but there was always just one thing we didn’t care for. The house we liked the most was on an incline, and everyone in all the surrounding houses could see directly into the backyard. After about a month, we took our house off the market and decided to stay here. Then we had the pool put in. Now we’re talking about how nice it would be to have a really big house… Wishy-washy, we are.

Fred took the spud out to buy a pumpkin for Halloween today. They picked out a perfectly round (well, at least on one side) one, and it’s huge. The spud has decided that she’s going to paint the pumpkin, rather than draw a face and have us carve it. That should be interesting!