I’m narrow-minded? I don’t see you and your wife having an open marriage." To which Fred replied, "Having an open marriage just means that you don’t love your wife enough to commit to her alone." This just apparently struck a big nerve, because Dorkus told Fred to (this is a direct quote) "Fuck off and IDE!" and then left IRC. As far as I’m concerned, to each his own. If Dorkus and his wife want an open marriage, they should go to it. But if Dorkus is going to brag all over the place about how cool he is because his wife lets him fuck whomever he wants, he’s got to be prepared for people who think it’s bullshit to tell him it’s bullshit. The funniest thing is that Fred only said it to annoy Dorkus; he didn’t expect to hit that nerve. I suspect that either Dorkus or his wife is not as into the whole open marriage thing as they’d like to believe. So I was minding my own business this morning, web-surfing, paying bills, the usual, when Fred directed me to this (link removed) site. I love that the models’ reasons for selling their eggs range "from “to not be dependent on a man,” to “I want to help others.”." Oh, you want to help others? Gosh, I don’tsee you giving your eggs to unfortunate, infertile couples or offering to give the money you’ll be making to charity. I don’t see that anywhere. And just who the Hell is bidding on these eggs? Ron Harris claims to have a valid offer of $42,000. Who out there is saying to themselves "Ooooh, I want a pretty, vapid child!"? Yeah, I know, low blow, but I’ve never seen a model who didn’t strike me as all surface, no substance. I mean, did you see Fair Game, for crying out loud? And Cindy Crawford’s supposed to be the talented model. Anyway, back to the models selling their eggs. The quote that just got all over me* is: Harris, who has three children from four marriages, said its natural for parents to want attractive children. He said that each time his wife was pregnant he hoped for a cute baby. On the third try, he said, he got one. “My third child is beautiful,” he said, adding that he didn’t favor that child over the others. I wonder how the other two feel about that. I know that if my father told the world "Yeah, I hoped for cute children. My daughter Debbie is good-looking. The others could scare paint off a wall, though", I’d probably be on the phone, asking the Menendez Brothers for advice (which, obviously, I wouldn’t take, since they got caught and all). Okay, rant over. Y’all have a good night, now! (*"got all over me" is a phrase i picked up from fred. whether it’s a southern phrase or a fred original, i’m not sure. it means "really pissed me off.") —–]]>