So even though it’s not Halloween, the area kiddies are doing the trick-or-treat thang tonight. We live in a fairly large subdivision with a bunch of kids, and until this year, they had a deal where all the kids gather at the subdivision office and then go trick-or-treating in a big group, with the parents. It’s safer that way, I guess, and you don’t have to keep jumping up to answer the doorbell and hand out candy; they come and go in one group. This year, due to lack of interest, they didn’t do it. So Fred took the spud out around the neigborhood, and I sat on the tailgate of my truck in the garage doorway and handed out candy.

I was lucky when I was growing up; we lived on base, and everyone in base housing has kids, so everyone hands out candy. I recall being 8 or 9 and going out with my sister and a few friends, and getting tons of candy. Then we went home, dropped off our bags, and went back out. Between the four kids in my family, we probably could have provided a third-world country with a year’s worth of candy.

I know my Mom snuck into our rooms while we were at school and stole the good Halloween candy. I’m sure I’ll do the same with the spud. It’s only right to keep up the tradition, you know.

We watched "Never Been Kissed" this afternoon. Cute movie, but it was really hard to watch the scenes where everyone picked on Josie (the Drew Barrymore character). Not that I can relate to that; I wasn’t a geek in high school. I wasn’t popular either. I was just one of those kids who no one really bothers, and I am so glad in retrospect for that. We didn’t have popular girls like the ones in the movie. I mean, we had popular girls, they just weren’t those dimwitted, all-surface, super-c*nt types from the movie. One of the most popular girls who springs to mind, Joan Foster, was not only pretty, she was nice and extremely smart. The other two who spring to mind were nice enough to the behemoth, socially unskilled me, but we weren’t friends or anything. It probably helped that I didn’t give much of a shit about what other people thought of me. If they wanted to pick on me, they didn’t get much of a reaction other than a snarl and a shrug. I also never had a yen to be popular, so that probably also helped my high school experience to be the joy it was.

I’m sure I’m supressing some horrid events, but for the life of me, aside from one of Tory Ricker’s friends grabbing my ass as I was walking down the hallway when I was a sophomore, nothing springs to mind. (Side note: I did nothing, and that just pisses me off. I wish I could go back and smack the shit out of that jerk. I hope his life is hellish).

Anyway, while we were watching the movie, one of the airhead popular bitches says to Drew Barrymore, "Who do you like better, Betty or Veronica?" Fred said (to me, not Drew–he knows she can’t hear him, or at least she pretends she can’t) "I always liked Veronica." Immediately, I snarled "That’s because she’s a whore!" Whoa. Even I didn’t expect that. I had no idea I felt such hostility toward the cartoon, but as I think about it she sure did play games with poor Archie, didn’t she? The spoiled rotten rich bitch.

Here’s the spud, from tonight:

the spud as vampire