Ah, me, what to write about?

It rained like hell last night, and we woke up this morning to find our pool full of mud. We have a small sloping hill behind our pool, and behind the fence there’s more sloping hill and lots of mud. Here’s what the pool looked like:


muddy pool

The picture doesn’t really do it justice. See all the water under that solar cover? It’s murky brown like the Nile River. There are more pictures, and perhaps tomorrow I’ll put them all on a separate page.

Fred freaked out when he saw the state of the pool this morning. He was afraid we’d have to empty the pool and spray it out and scrub it and then refill it. The guy who owns the company that put in the pool came out and looked at it, and said he didn’t think it was a big problem. He told Fred to shock the pool and over the course of the next few days, the mud should circulate out. Fred calmed down a little, and called around to get estimates for a brick wall to hold back any future mud floods. Pretty expensive, we found out.

Isn’t our back yard tiny? To the left, off-picture, there’s a patio, and next to that there’s some more lawn, but all in all it’s pretty damn small. It suits our purposes, though, and we like it, which is the important thing.

The spud cracked a tooth today as she was chowing down on a package of skittles from Halloween. It’s a tooth she says had been loose for a while (she still hasn’t lost all of her baby teeth), and she said the cracked tooth didn’t hurt, but it’s bleeding a lot. So I guess it’s off to the dentist for the spud and I in the morning. Damn that Halloween candy!

For the last several weeks, once or twice a week, I’ve been getting calls at work where, once I answer the phone "This is Robyn", the person hangs up. Just hangs up! No, "I’m sorry, wrong number", they just hang up. When I check my caller id, it says "unknown number, unknown name," so either they’re calling from an unpublished number or, more likely, they’re dialling *67 before they call me. I was bitching about it in the IRC channel Fred and I hang out in during the day, and a few minutes later, the phone rang again. I checked the caller id, and it says again, "unknown number, unknown name." I picked up the phone and uttered my usual greeting, only this time the caller said, in some obviously fake accent, "Bye-bye!"

It had to be someone in the IRC channel. Fred, who is the king of geeks, checked the access logs to our company webpage and somehow figured out, looking to see who had visited our "contact" page, who it was. Busted! That man just amazes me more often than not.

Later on yesterday afternoon, another IRC person called and said "Want to touch the heiny!" Which is something this particular person had done before to Fred, so I wasn’t too freaked out.

We chat with some interesting people, don’t we?