Dear Grammy and Papa, Today I went to the Dentest because one of my baby teeth was cracked in half so they gave me two shots and pulled my tooth out then mama was paying and i felt dizzy then I felt like I was going to barf so i went in to the bathroom and barfed. How are you doing? Pretty damn cute, huh? Even cuter, this morning she came to the doorway of my bedroom and said “Momma?” I turned and said “What, spud?” She held out the envelope that the dentist had put several pieces of gauze in for us to take home with us, and said “I only have one gau left.” Get it? She thought “gauze” was plural, so obviously the singular would be “gau”! Despite the fact that I had yesterday off, today managed to crawwwwwl by the way Thursday always does. We managed to get our invoice and other reports turned in a day early, which thrilled me to no end (sarcasm). I thought I was going to have to throw a temper tantrum right there in the office because everyone except Tex had emailed me their monthly report. Once I get everyone’s monthly report, I have to format it a certain way and print it out to go to the customer with our invoice. It’s a pain in the ass and I hate doing it, but it doesn’t take very long. I mostly dislike it because they email their technical computer-geek monthly accomplishments to me in sentences and I have to cut and copy them in task & description form, and I pretty much have no idea what any of it means. I might as well be sitting there typing “Task: Blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blahblah.” I haven’t received any complaints back from our customer and I’ve been doing it for close to three years, so I guess I can’t be screwing it up too badly. The hugest pain in the ass, though, is getting everyone to get their reports to me without having to harangue them every five minutes. I gave them two days notice this time, and you’d think that would be enough. But not for Tex, oh no. God forbid he take time out of his busy computer card game-playing schedule to do something so mundane. The cleaning lady cancelled again today, so we’re not going to bother seeing her. If it’s this difficult to get her to come over for an estimate, how hard will it be to get her to actually clean for us? Besides, she doesn’t have her own car — the Yard Guy, her son, apparently drives her wherever she needs to go. We called around to several different places, and got over-the-phonequotes of $75 – $80 a week. We’re just not willing to pay that much for weekly housecleaning, so I guess we’ll continue with cleaning ourselves on Saturday mornings.]]>