Sadly, I didn’t meet my goal of getting all the laundry done Friday night and even as I speak there’s one last load of towels gurgling in the washer. Woe is me.

The weekend didn’t fly by as quickly as it has been, which in my opinion is good. I got lots of reading and lolling about lazily accomplished today, which means two thumbs up for today! For me, anyway. Fred isn’t feeling too well; I think he caught the cold that the spud had last week, and his colds tend to turn into bronchitis. He’s not sleeping well at all, and he’s been coughing on and off. He managed to get a nap in earlier today, which made him feel a little better. He’s already planning to take tomorrow off.

My parents will be here Thursday morning at 10ish to begin their long, long visit. On the upside, they’re going to Nashville next weekend and taking the spud with them. They’re leaving Friday afternoon and coming back Sunday afternoon. I’d be more excited, but the fact is that not much will be different around here with the spud gone. We’ll still be in bed by 10 Friday night, watch movies and putter around the house Saturday, and have a big breakfast Sunday morning. We do not lead exciting, club-hopping, beer-guzzling existences, but we like it that way. Stop mock-yawning, reader, you know you’re jealous of our idyllic lives.

While I sit here at my computer, Fred is sitting at his across the room. He asked me to turn around and check out a picture on his screen, and I did so. As I turned back to my computer, my heart did a little pitter-patter of joy when he said "Aren’t you looking all cute…" I smiled to myself and perhaps even blushed a little. "Spot," he finished. Hmph. Is it fair that the cats get way more lovetalk and compliments in a day than I get all month? I think not.

We watched "Go" last night. I liked it; it was rather Tarentinoesque. Jay Mohr and Scott Wolf as gay actors were great, and at one point when they shrieked, Fred and I laughed our butts off. Fred pointed out that no matter what Jay Mohr is doing or saying, he always looks insincere, and I’m not sure if that’s just because he has a fakey smile or because of the characters he’s played. Insincere or not, he’s beginning to be an actor I enjoy a lot. William Fichtner is in the movie too, as a cop. He was the blind guy in "Contact" and one of the astronauts in "Armageddon", and he’s been in tons of other movies, but I spotted him long ago on "As the World Turns" back in the late ’80s and early ’90s as a rapist turned good guy, and I’ve loved him ever since.

Did everyone watch "Annie" tonight? I got all teary-eyed when Andrea McArdle was singing and dancing, I’m not sure why. Kathy Bates kicked ass, of course, and so did Alan Cumming. I really like the new Annie a lot, though she doesn’t seem like she’s 11 years old. That, or the spud has skewed my view of 11 year-olds as looking and sounding older than that. And about Victor Garber, I have only one thing to say: Hubba-hubba!

And with that, I bid you goodnight, sweet readers.