My god, I am so embarassed. I was designated to choose colors for the offices which would be unoccupied for the time being, along with paint colors for the hallways and bathrooms. There’s an office up near mine that will be empty, and rather than choose a simple off-white or cream color for it, I decided to be daring. "I’ll choose this pretty green color," I said to myself. "I mean, green is a pretty, soothing color. And we don’t want it to be too dark, so this one right here will be just perfect." Yesterday, they painted the office with the aforementioned "pretty green." :

Puke office

"HOLY CRAP!" I screamed when I saw it. "That’s so fucking ugly!" Fred said, "Yeah, I told everyone you picked it out. We couldn’t believe it." If you look closely at the picture, you’ll note that it’s very close to the color of bile. I swore up and down that I hadn’t picked that hideous color, but in retrospect, I must have. But it looked so purty on the little piece of plastic…

Luckily, they’ve agreed to repaint the office off-white. For which I am thankful, because I could only imagine how many times I’d have had to hear "Oh, Robyn chose that color. Makes you wanna vomit, doesn’t it?"

This is Fred’s office, which I am currently sharing with him. I like the colors he chose, although his stepmother did the actual choosing so he doesn’t deserve the kudos. He’ll have more room once I move out with the fax machine, credit card machine (that’s it, on top of the fax in the middle of the picture), and printer. This picture doesn’t really do justice to the chaotic mess that is Fred’s office right now.

No, I didn’t put up this picture for you to admire the toilet (lovely, isn’t it?), or the blue tile (which looks much uglier in person), or even our trusty little plunger (six men in this office, you know). I put this picture up so that I could tell you a story. When the lady from the rental company was coming through our office, before they began work, she noted that the doors on the bathrooms weren’t "up to code", that is, wheelchairs couldn’t fit through the doorway. So they expanded the doorways of both the bathrooms, one of which you see above. Look closely at the picture above. You’ll note that a wheelchair could, in fact, fit through the doorway. However, once the person in that wheelchair goes through the doorway, what are they supposed to do? There’s no room for the wheelchair to turn around. And there sure as shit isn’t any way the door’s going to close with a wheelchair in there. But, ya know, they can go through the doorway; that’s apparently the important thing!