I was awakened at 4:10 this morning by a couple of loud, scary, thudding noises. I sat straight up in bed and immediately began calling "Little kitty? Little kitty?!" I peered around the room until I saw her a foot or so from the side of the bed in a pile of Fred’s clothes, under a big, heavy hardcover book. She’d apparently tried to jump up on the bookcase near the bed, and hit the one double-stacked shelf near the top and knocked a few heavy books onto the floor, including the one that landed on her. She was just laying there quietly, which scared me. I picked her up and checked her out – her heart was pounding a mile a minute, but otherwise she seemed fine. After a few minutes, she starting purring.

Speaking of the kitten (and it seems I always am, doesn’t it?), she’s apparently feeling much better, and today for the first time since we got her, she was playing. I bought a laser light at Office Depot today and she chased that around for a while. Now she’s playing with a toy mouse. She’s been eating like a pig since yesterday, and she’s developed a round little tummy.

I’m feeling incredibly lazy today (like that’s something new). At work, instead of straightening up my office so it would look like an office and not a room with piles of crap everywhere, I spent most of the day web-surfing. I made Fred make dinner tonight – he made shrimp sauteed with onions and garlic in olive oil, with angel hair and parmesan. Have I mentioned that he’s truly a kick-ass cook? Never fails to impress me. As further proof, I’m not going to move my November entry links over to the archives page tonight, even though I should, because I’m just that slothful.

The lady who owns the company in charge of cleaning our office dropped by today. As I’ve mentioned, our office space grew by three offices and a conference room, so she was going to check out the new office space and give us a new weekly price. She’s only charging us $5 more per week, can you believe that?