Oh my God. Someone shoot me and put me out of my fucking misery, won’t you? I am a completely cranky, irritable bitch today, and I can’t stand me for another moment. All I want is to crawl into bed with my stack of magazines and a big-ass tin of Christie’s chocolate chip cookies, and a 6-pack of ice-cold Coke (in the 20 ounce bottle) and not come out for a week. That’s all I want.

Is that so wrong?

I’d blame my mood on pms, but Fred claims I always blame my bad moods on pms, so I won’t. Even though it’s the right time of the month for it, I’m not saying it’s pms. Not at all.

Work today was… well, it was work.

Not that I do anything all day, anyway.

So, I’ve been looking through my Nedstat stats, and have only this to say: join the freakin’ notify list, ’cause you’re inflating my stats when you check back several times through the day, and I get all excited and do a happy dance until I realize the same person checked back several times.

I’m just saying. You want me to be happy, don’t you?

I was supposed to get the groceries on the way home tonight, but I had no desire to run the Publix bagger gauntlet, and my lame suggestions that Fred should be responsible for getting the groceries sometimes were met with a blank stare and a change of the subject. So I didn’t stop and get groceries, and when I got home Fred all but ran to greet me at the door to show off his "Who Wants to be a Millionaire!" game that came in the mail today. I admired his game-playing skills for a few minutes, then went upstairs and fed the kitten. Today was her first day to not be locked in the bathroom, and I was relieved to find her alive, since Fancypants was chasing her around this morning, and when I spoke sharply to her for chewing on the cord to the lamp, he reached out and rolled her over onto her back. I had visions of her limping down the stairs with an eye dangling out and missing big patches of fur. Instead, she came toward me howling to let me know she was starving to death, and I’d best get my ass up those stairs and feed her pronto.

Then she snuggled on me for a long time, stretching and demanding I rub her tummy, then snoozing on and off while we watched Wild Wild West, which arrived in the mail today from Amazon. It was enjoyable enough, but I read magazines through about half of it, and hardly remember anything about the half I did see. Fred told me even he has no desire to see any of it again, but I just know next time his parents are over to watch a movie, he’ll suggest that as one of the choices.

As promised, here are some more office pics:

That’s my truck out the window.

This is my office, from the doorway looking in, and from the corner looking toward the side of the room where the door is located. It’s not this messy anymore – I got some cleaning and straightening done today – and aren’t the walls a lovely color? The bulletin board is hung up, and so is the gigantic Cartman poster with it’s back to the camera behind the E:Cargo box. I plan to bring in a couple of plants to liven up the place. See my nifty metal bookcase? All the stuff on that bookcase used to be scattered around my office in random piles. And you’ll notice, on the top shelf, the 3-ring binders wherein are stored all our 1999 receipts. Impressive, innit?

Tomorrow, I’ll put up a picture of the front of our house, with all Christmas decorations and all.