Some of the cds, though, I had to wonder. I know I bought the Winger cd, but I can’t seem recall what song had me in such a dither that I had to have it. Anyone want the 1000 Mona Lisas’ "New Disease" cd I bought for no reason I can figure out? First email I get including a snail mail address, gets the cd for nothing (the actual cd, not a copy. free to you from me.) I just can’t seem to force myself to get rid of Pat Boone’s "No More Mr. Nice Guy." Pat Boone sings metal. It’s the cheesiest thing you’ve ever heard, and it’s great. My eye itches, and my bladder’s threatening me with a UTI, and anything I write right now would be a long, babbling string of shit (so what’s new?), so the rest of the entry will be pictures I have scanned. Try to contain your excitement! cuties This is my very favorite picture of the spud and Brian. It’s from September of ’93, according to the note on the back of the picture, so she would have been almost 6, and he would have been about 2. I don’t know what it was they were laughing so hard about, but it musta been a dilly! Skitty kitty This is my favorite picture of Spanky. It, according to the back of the picture, was taken in March of ’97, so he would have been 5 months old. It’s one of the few pictures I have of him when he was little. This was before he became the skittish dork we all know and love today. Baby Bitchypoo And this, my friends, is one of my favorite pictures of myself. I always assumed I was smiling, but upon closer inspection, that’s more of a grimace, isn’t it? Like I was about to burst into tears, and my mother snarled at me to "SMILE!" I was awfully adorable, if I do say so myself. Lastly, before I go, I leave you with this. Our very own Investigative Reporter, Rudy Koski, spent godonlyknowshowmany hours coming up with the story that the Amish people don’t fear computer glitches caused by Y2K! Jesus jumped-up christ!! You could have knocked me over with a fucking feather! Ain’t it incredible??? Have they heard about this in Washington?? Godalmighty. ]]>