got up. What’s up with that? Back in the old days, before the spud was born, I used to sleep until 10, or later. Even after the spud was born, on many mornings I’d get up with her and snooze on the couch for hours (shutup, the apartment was childproofed). On the weekends, the ex would get up with her, and I’d just lay in bed forever. On the other hand, I did take that 2 hour nap yesterday and then went to sleep around 11 last night, so I’m going to guess that I’m still getting plenty of sleep.

So last night, Fred and I were sitting in front of our computers, and had Cops on in the background (yes, we are very lame). At one point, something caught my attention and I turned around to watch for a few minutes. The cops had been called out to a house where an 8 year-old kid had locked his mother out. The kid stood in the window and made faces at the cops and stuck his tongue out. I was just fuming, because I was imagining being in that mother’s position. I said to Fred, "That kid is not nearly scared enough of his mother!" I mean, can you imagine? If I’d pulled anything like that when I was a kid, my mom would have beaten the shit out of me, and I would have deserved it. There were two cops there, one older – perhaps in his forties – and one much younger – maybe mid to late twenties. The older cop wasn’t at all amused, while the younger cop thought it was funny. The older cop broke a window to get into the house, and hunted the kid down and dragged him out from under his bed into the living room and tossed his ass down on the couch. He was none-too-gentle with the kid, I’ll tell you that. I was yelling "Cuff him! Cuff him!" at the TV, and told Fred "They should tell him they’re taking him to jail!" But the kid just wiggled around on the couch and kicked his legs. He was a little scared, but not nearly enough. Kids these days just aren’t scared of their parents, and they should be. Everyone wants to be buddies with their kids, and that does no one any kind of favor. Kids don’t need buddies, they need parents, and when their parents try to be their friend, it’s too damn confusing.

Okay, off my soapbox. Y’all have a good day, now, y’hear?