Jonathan Kellerman book, a 20-pack of mechanical pencils for the spud, and 6-pack of film. For the office, I stocked up on Coke, paper towels, napkins, and trash bags, which just isn’t nearly as much fun as buying stuff for myself. I hit McDonald’s on the way back to the office to pick up lunch for Fred and myself, and then supervised the unloading of the aforementioned office supplies from my truck (I figure, I have to load the stuff in the cart, unload it for the cashier to ring up, re-load it in the cart, then move everything from the cart to my truck. Should I have to then help haul all that stuff into the office? I think not.). I discussed the many conference table options with the bosses (laminated vs. veneered, how long ’til they’re available, what kind of chairs, etc), ate lunch, and then hit the road again, this time to go back to the office furniture stores I’d previously visited, to get more prices on different tables, and then to the accountant’s office to drop off a copy of our backup disk (very, very scary neighborhood). By the time I made it back to the office, it was almost two, and after six-thousand more meetings about conference tables, I left around 2:40 because Fred was going to stop by Best Buy, and someone needed to be home when the spud got off the bus. Like I said, a fast, busy day. That’s the way I like ’em, but I have a serious backlog of journals to catch up on. I’m sure I’ll get the chance later this week. My left ear is seriously clogged and everything sounds muffled on that side. I need to go back to the doctor, so they can check me and declare me over the pneumonia, and no doubt prescribe more antibiotics for my ear, because I just can’t get enough of those lovely antibiotic-enduced yeast infections. I feel like I spend half my life sitting in waiting rooms. Warning: the squeamish and the male amongst you may not want to read the following. And now, for your singing pleasure (to the tune of "The Song that Never Ends" (which I personally heard sung by Sherry Lewis and Lambchop back when the spud was a little thang)): It’s the period that never ennnnnnds!
Yes, it goes on and on my friends!
My uterus star-ted bleeding, because that’s what it does!
And now it’ll go on bleeding forever, just becaaaaaause!
It’s the period that never ennnnnnds!
I’ve been having my period for a week now. I thought it was over Monday morning, but nooooooo, it sure as hell wasn’t. I thought it was mostly over by Monday evening, but two hours after inserting a super-extra-jumbo-humongo tampon, I was bleeding through it. What the fuck is up with that? I was up wandering around the bathroom at midnight looking for more tampons and pads. I finally snarled at Fred "Fuck this, I’m going back on the pill!" When I’m on the pill, my periods are shorter, and I know when they’re coming. First thing tomorrow morning, I’m calling my gynecologist to make an appointment, damnit. Between the pneumonia and the period, I haven’t had sex in forever. No wonder I’m tense. Too much information, right? Oh, you know that’s why you love me! —–]]>