really like Dr. Webster. He’s so darn nice. Dr. W reminded me that I needed to have a follow-up x-ray to make sure I was over the pneumonia, and then he got his light out to look in my ear. The expression on his face very clearly said "There’s no way this chick has an ear infection; she just finished taking a very strong antibiotic!" He looked in my left ear, paused, and looked again. "Hmm," he said. He walked around me and peered in my right ear, paused, and looked again. "Hmmm!" he exclaimed. Double ear infection, thankyouverymuch. Ironically, it wasn’t until after I’d taken my first dose of the antibiotic he prescribed for me that my ear started hurting. On the good side, he prescribed hydrocodone in pill form for me. Hydrocodone is some excellent stuff. I’m going to go play snood now, and try not to think about my ear. You, however, may worry about my ear all you’d like. G’night. —–]]>