real doctor, as we always say, and not one of those "doc in a box" doctors who are so conveniently located around the corner) and charmed a 1:50 appointment out of them. So I left work early, went to the spud’s school to pick her up, and made it to Dr. Judy’s right at the stroke of 1:50. We only waited for ten or fifteen minutes before going back for the weighing and blood-pressure taking, etc. They did a flu test, which involves – have I mentioned this? – sticking a long-ass q-tip up your nose and rolling it around. The spud was admirably stoic throughout it all, and the upshot is that she has the flu. Dr. Judy prescribed Relenza for all three of us (Fred, the spud, and I, that is). I swear upon all that is holy that I’m going to get a flu shot next fall, and so is the spud. I’m tired of this being sick crap. Tomorrow, I’m going to go see Dr. Judy for my ear, out of which I still cannot hear anything but constant white noise. Fred swears up and down that Dr. Judy can fix it, because "Dr. Judy can fix anything!" Two years ago, Fred was having serious back pain, and saw doctor after doctor, and only Dr. Judy was able to figure out that it was "chest wall pain" and treated it successfully. She’s also very nice, which in my opinion is a big plus. Because I spent part of the afternoon sitting around a doctor’s office, we had McDonald’s for dinner and rented a couple of movies. We watched Blue Streak, which stars Martin Lawrence and cutie-pie Luke Wilson. It wasn’t a bad way to kill an hour and a half. Dr. Judy decreed that the spud shouldn’t go to school tomorrow, so I’ll be staying home also – and lemme tell you, my heart’s breaking over that. I intend to stay up late, sleep late, and do a lot of nothing for most of the day tomorrow, though I have to run a few errands along with my trip to Dr. Judy’s office. Y’all have a good humpday! —–]]>