/server, but typed several instead. I never fail to type Fredex instead of Fedex, but that one’s understandable. I end up having to backspace and retype several times in any given paragraph, and it’s annoying as hell. Maybe it means I’m not giving my full attention to what I’m typing (apparently so – I just had to back up and insert the not in that sentence). Or maybe my hands are developing early-onset Alzheimer’s. God, I hope I never have Alzheimer’s. The spud has to learn the Preamble to the Constitution in the next three weeks, and she’s spazzing. It’s five sentences, and she swears up and down that she’ll never be able to memorize it in time. Her main concern is all the big words, so Fred tried to help out. He put the American Rock tape in the vcr, and played the part where they sing the Preamble. The spud was not swayed from her opinion that she can never learn it all in time, so Fred subjected her to the "If you give up instead of trying, you’ll never get anywhere in life!" speech. I’m not sure what effect, if any, it had on her. Thank god tomorrow’s Friday. As usual when I take a day off in the middle of the week, today flew by, but I’m still looking forward to the weekend. ]]>