V.D.: Searching for a Cure. I woke up this morning feeling nauseous. I wandered around the house, trying various cures ("Maybe I just need to go to the bathroom!"), but nothing helped. I went into the kitchen to grab a couple of boxes of Gevalia coffee to take to work with me (Fred has a coffee maker in his office, and nothing but the best for my baby), saw a baggie full of chocolate chip cookies, and that was all she wrote. I stumbled across the kitchen and barfed my brains out in the sink (shaddup, I cleaned it out after). Still shaky, I called Fred and told him I’d either be in to work late, or not at all, and I’d let him know either way. Naturally, as soon as I told him I’d been sick, he jokingly spazzily shouted "You’re pregnant, aren’t you?!" Gad. Anyway, after sipping a coke and eating a handful of cheerios to settle my stomach, I took a short nap with the kitten and felt marginally better. I still feel nauseous and haven’t eaten anything since the cheerios and a couple of cokes, but there’s no danger of my hurking up bile all over my desk. At least, I hope not. It was a pretty quiet weekend. As I mentioned in my last entry, the spud spent Friday night at her friend Maria’s house. Well, I found out this morning that Maria’s parents took Maria and the spud to the mall, and while they were there, Maria decided it would be a good idea to spit from the 2nd level of the mall onto, as the spud put it, "a crystal-making guy." The spud suggested that it wouldn’t be a very good idea, but Maria did it anyway. The security cameras caught her doing it, and a security guard came over and gave Maria hell, then spoke to her parents, who also gave Maria hell. Is it wrong that hearing about that incident gives me a whole new respect for Maria? Aside from doing a little laundry and getting groceries, I spent most of the weekend reading – finished the John Saul book and read Nice in about three hours – and scanning work receipts, then burning them to a cd. Have I mentioned how much I love my scanner? It rocks, bigtime.

There were other things I was going to blabber on about today, but the nausea has come back full-force, and I’m concentrating on not sending a huge explosion of bile at my monitor. Hopefully I’ll be feeling better tomorrow. But I wouldn’t count on it! Take care, y’all. —–