the Pill) Sunday, and the nausea started Monday. I’m hoping it (the nausea, not the Pill) goes away soon. Nausea sucks. Fred made an extra $900 last week. How, you ask, did he make such a large sum of money? He sold stuff on ebay, of course. Among other things, he sold dvds we have no desire to ever watch again, a laser disc player, a large number of laser discs, and a projector. All stuff we never use. Pretty good haul – almost enough money to pay off last month’s Amex bill. Next up for sale on Ebay will be his collection of cookie jars. He went through a collecting phase a couple of years ago, and now he’s ready to sell. He’s got, I dunno, fifteen or so of them, and they’re taking up a 7-foot bookshelf which could be put to better use. Ebay is the shit, man. Did everyone watch Who wants to marry a multi – millionaire last night? I wasn’t nearly as creeped out as I thought I’d be. Yes, it was basically a pagent – was the bathing suit segment really necessary? – but I actually found myself liking 3 of the 5 finalists. Naturally, he didn’t choose any of the 3 I liked, but I didn’t have to marry a complete stranger, so more power to him. I was so nervous when it was time for him to make his choice that I couldn’t even look directly at the TV. It’s the bitchypoo way of life – if I’m not looking directly at it, it isn’t happening. None of the Unchosen seemed all that heartbroken, I noticed. I could swear I even saw a few relieved faces. ]]>