ER last night? I knew Lucy was going to die – I heard it on the radio a couple of weeks ago – but that didn’t stop me from tearing up like a big baby when she actually did. It was great to see Dr. Romano’s somewhat-human side. Have I mentioned that I really, really, really like Dr. Romano? I’m always drawn to the asses, it would appear. Fred and I always refer to him as "Bulldog", originally because he resembled Bulldog on Frasier, and then because he really is a little bulldog. I’d do him in a heartbeat, I would. Well, except he’d probably be bossy in bed. Or maybe he’s one of those guys who’s bossy in life, but wants to be tied up and whipped when it comes to sex. Ooh. Or maybe, just maybe, he’s a fictional fucking character, Robyn you fucking freak. That right there could lessen my chances of having sex with him, I s’pose. So this morning, whilst not fending off calls from clueless telemarketers, I spent a goodly amount of time adding a page to my site listing all my bookmarks. My Netscape is acting freaky as shit, and I’m tired of transferring my bookmarks from Internet Explorer to Netscape and back again once I realize how much Netscape sucks. Therefore, I created a page I can open, and follow links to my favorite sites. I’d put the url here, but I’m not all that keen on y’all checking out my bookmarks page and laughing at the erotica sites I surf to upon occasion. Yes, I am a bad, bad girl. Spank me? JUST KIDDING. Calm yourselves, people. Since Fred is out of the office today and the people in the channel we hang out on on IRC noticed he wasn’t around. Someone, who’s been looking for him for a week or so, asked me to pass on a message. I agreed, and the guy started discussing programming issues with me, talking (or typing) as if I had the slightest clue what he was talking about. Fred and I hang out in a programming channel, but I’m not a programmer, and all the programming chat goes right over my head. Everyone knows this, including the guy who wanted me to pass on his message, and yet he would say something geeky and then wait for an equally geeky reply from me. Perhaps he thinks I’ve absorbed programming knowledge through sex with Fred. In any case, the conversation on my end consisted of "Yeah." "Okay." "Uh-huh." I’m going to try to stay away from the computer this weekend, but I am rarely successful when I make such attempts. Therefore, I may or may not be updating this weekend. If you don’t want to keep checking back, go join my notify list, ‘k? Have a great weekend! Have I mentioned that 3-day weekends rock? They sure do. —–]]>