really good day at work today! The new office manager really knows what she’s doing, when it comes to Quickbooks. She came in around 8:30 and then went to the bank with me. Then we went back to the office, and I had to leave to go see Nice Dr. D and have my hearing tested, and she looked through Quickbooks and my files and stuff while I was gone. My appointment with Nice Dr. D went well; they did a hearing test, and my ear is about up to normal, hearing-wise. I have to go back in August for another hearing test, and I’m not sure what-all happens after that. She said the tube would only stay in for a few more months, but I’m not sure if it’s supposed to fall out by itself, or if she plucks it out next time I see her, or what.

I may or may not get around to part one of the virtual tour of my house I’ve been planning. If I do put it up, it’ll probably be Sunday afternoon sometime. You could always join the notify list, y’know.