The Bold and the Beautiful (god, I loathe that Macy!)(and Eric, that smug, self-righteous asshole) and the last two episodes of Once and Again. I lolled in bed this morning and watched what I hadn’t finished last night, then wandered around the house, did some laundry, took a shower, checked my email, and took a call from Rachel, who said she didn’t think I needed to come in unless I really wanted to. "No, no, that’s okay, if you don’t need me, I’ll just stay home," I sobbed hysterically (just kidding). Fred hadn’t taken his lunch to work with him, though, and I had a bunch of errands to run, so I ran them and dropped off his lunch. Rachel’s completely changed her office around – in fact, it looks the way I would have arranged it if I’d thought of it. Before, the desk was facing the window, and anyone who came to the door could immediately see what was on the monitor. Now, she moved the desk so it’s facing the door, and you can’t see what’s on her monitor unless you go around her desk. Smart girl! Upon reading Beth this morning, I learned that a very popular journaller wrote an "astoundingly cruel" entry over the weekend, and I’m dying to know who it is and what they said. Anyone know? Please tell me. I’m the nosiest person in the world, and I really want to know what’s going on. Because, of course, I have no life. On the other hand, I’m so completely clueless that I probably read the offending journal entry, and it went right over my head. So, after I left the office I went to Sam’s. As usual, Sam’s was pretty well packed, and I had to maneuver around people a lot, since THE MIDDLE OF THE AISLE IS APPARENTLY WHERE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO COME TO A DEAD STOP AND STARE, WITH GLAZED EYES, AT THE 145 POUND CANS OF KETCHUP, JUST STANDING THERE AND STARING WHILE ACTING DEAF WHEN THE POOR BITCHYPOO BEHIND YOU MEEKLY SAYS "EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME!" I was proud of myself at Sam’s, because not only did I pass up the three books they had that I REALLY want to read, but I didn’t buy any junk food or unnecessary items. Purchased at Sam’s: chlorine tablets for the pool, shock for the pool, 2 8-packs of Fred’s nondairy creamer, 2 6-packs of paper towels, and a pack of 14 dish sponges. $170, gone gone gone, just like that. Of course, the chlorine will last us for the majority of the summer, and the creamer will take a couple of months for Fred to use… Eh. I just can’t be trusted at Sam’s. I look at the huge boxes of cereal and think "I won’t have to buy more cereal for another month!", then I buy the cereal and the spud gets tired of it after three days. But I can’t help myself – I am powerless against the lure of multi-box packs of cheerios and 240-tab bottles of electrasol. Powerless, I say! I need to go order flowers for the new office manager for "Administrative Professional’s Day" (renamed, I assume, because some people think "Secretary" is insulting). Fred told the other bosses that they didn’t need to get anything for me, because I wasn’t expecting anything. Now I feel like I can’t throw a temper tantrum and scream "I was too! I was too expecting something! I want my flowers!" Have I mentioned that I’m just a big baby? —–]]>