black widow came rushing out. He called me out to look at it, and it was huge. Those things are so damn evil-looking. He finally sprayed it with some wasp spray, and it ran back into it’s hole and died (we assume). Yesterday, he called the pest control people and informed them that he’d found a black widow in the yard – which shouldn’t have happened if they’d sprayed back there like they were supposed to. I guess they’ll be back today or tomorrow to spray the back yard and garage. This is the third or fourth black widow we’ve found since we moved into the house two years ago. Which isn’t so bad until you realize that black widows lay something like 300 eggs at a time, and one of the black widows we found was in the garage, way too close to our door. Brrrrr. Just thinking about it makes me feel like they’re crawling all over me. Have I ever mentioned that Carol Channing just scares the fuck out of me? (holy crap, go check this out) Something about that rictus grin just gives me nightmares.]]>