Girl, Interrupted, and by the time it was over, Fred was home. While he went for a swim, I ran to the movie store to return all the movies I’d rented Friday, and when I got home we talked for a few minutes before he started dinner. We had some incredibly good pinto beans with dinner. Then we listened to our Tony Robbins tape (hush up, y’all), watched Survivor, tried to go for a swim (too windy, making any wet parts sticking out of the water cold), and then Fred took a bath while I came downstairs and talked to my sister on IRC. Does this entry sound as rushed as I feel? I feel the urgent need to get something up tonight, and it’s after 11, thus way past my bedtime. Tomorrow, I should be a tad less rushed – though I do have to do all sorts of things to get ready for the trip to Pennsylvania.]]>