ideo killed the radio star as Video Kid the radio star. God help me, for some reason I’ve been laughing my ass off about that all morning. Speaking of this morning, today has been a double treat for me! That’s right, instead of just sitting around all day doing laundry, I also ran around cleaning the ENTIRE house! Lucky me, huh? I don’t remember if I mentioned it or not, but we canceled our cleaning service, because it went up $6 a week, which in itself isn’t a large amount of money, but it I did the math, and we were paying something like $300 a month to the cleaners, and since I’m not working, I just couldn’t justify something like that to either myself or Fred. Carolyn, the woman who was cleaning our house, took about an hour and a half to do the whole house, so I optimistically believed it would take me two hours or so. HA. I started at 8 this morning, and finished just before noon. Cleaning the house just kicked my ass all over the place. I was all kinds of hot and sweaty, and my face was a dark, dark red. I feel that I did a better job than Carolyn usually does, though, and I have a definite sense of accomplishment. I will be hurting bad tomorrow, though. After a quick dip in the pool, which was pure heaven, I showered and dressed and went to the movie store. And then, because I hadn’t had anything but three strawberries and a lot of water to eat all day, I swung by Burger King. Did you know that “A BK Broiler and a large Coke” apparently sounds just like “A BK Broiler Value Meal with a diet Coke” over the drive-up speaker? It must, ’cause that’s what I got. And the only reason I actually drank the diet Coke is because I was dying of thirst. In fact, it almost didn’t suck. Almost. So, the kitten is home. Fred picked her up on his way home from work yesterday, and when I picked her up out of the carrier box, she was doped to the gills. She stumbled around, weaving and squinting, and wouldn’t let me touch her on the head. The vet told Fred that there was a 50/50 chance the hairs would grow back, and if they did, there’s a place in Birmingham where they’ll remove them permanently. I wonder if I could get them to shape my brows while they’re at it… She’s been fine today, if a little clingy. I guess I didn’t need to worry about her hating me – she loves me twice as much today as she did yesterday, it appears. She won’t let me out of her sight, and follows me around, chirruping and rubbing against my legs. Which reminds me of a cute story about her (keep your groans to yourself, people). There’s a little yellow stuffed chick which usually sit on top of my monitor. Monday or Tuesday, as she was sniffing around my desk, the kitten reached up and smacked it with her paw, which made it fall backwards off my monitor and behind my desk. The kitten decided the chick was running and hiding from her, so she excitedly jumped down, ran around behind the desk, and dragged it out. Then she proceeded to carry by the butt across the room, stopping now and then to beat it up a little. The kitten and her chick She loves it when you pick it up and toss it across the room for her – she’ll go get it, and carry it back and drop it at your feet. It’s adorable. Now I’m off to try to grab a nap before Fred gets home. Y’all have a good weekend! ]]>