Bicentennial Man was a real tearjerker. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t particularly ever want to watch it ever again, but it was pretty good entertainment while I was folding laundry. Yes, Friday was Laundry Day (though I didn’t put up the graphic), but there’s always the last basket of stuff – mostly towels and sheets – that sits around for several days waiting for me to fold it’s contents and put everything away. I’m amazed that I got around to it on Monday night this week, instead of my usual waiting until late Thursday. Go, me! We left the house around 10, TOGETHER, if you can believe it, which rarely happens. We dropped off the two movies we rented the other day, and I got Scream 3 on DVD, along with four or five other movies. "Robyn movies," as Fred calls them, which means that he has no interest in seeing them ’cause he’s a party pooper. After the movie place, we went to Wal-Mart, so Fred could waste a few dollars on the machines they have there – the ones full of stuffed animals that you use the claw thing to pick up and win. While he was doing that, I ran into the store and picked up a few things (some storage containers for the spud’s room, 4 plain white Corelle dinner plates, a snorkel, and 4 "splash balls". I know you were dying to know) and managed to NOT buy a Snickers bar (kudos to me for talking myself out of buying it). The rest of the day, we’ve been swimming, hanging out and reading. Now I believe I’m going to go pay bills. The excitement never stops here in BitchyLand! Happy Independence Day to the Americans in the crowd. And Happy Tuesday to everyone else!