Survivor last night. For the first time since "the alliance" was formed, I was disgusted by their vote. I think it was shitty of them to use Sean’s vote to get Jenna off the island, but I also think Sean is a total idiot for announcing who he would be voting for. He played right into their hands, which maybe he did on purpose, I don’t know. That reward challenge was, I think, geared toward the women. Since they were lighter, they weren’t having the problems falling through the ropes like the men were. It was nice to see a woman win for a change. I was also glad to see Rudy win the immunity challenge, since he cracks me up. Rich is getting on my nerves, though, with the nekkidness. Who needs to see that? "It’s my birthday, so I’m going to run around in my birthday suit! Wahoo!" Ick. Okay, enough Survivor talk. I watched Drowning Mona Tuesday night. It was a so-so movie, and I suggest you not waste your time. I loved the fact that everyone in the movie drove Yugos, though. And Casey Affleck doesn’t look right with blond hair. I tried to defrag my hard drive this afternoon, so I started the defragger (?) and went upstairs for a couple of hours, and when I came back down, it claimed to still be at 0%. What’s up with that? Anyone? The kitten is being especially cuddlesome these days. I suspect she’s sensing my anxiety about being away from her for almost two weeks (eek!), and responding to that. So help me god, if I come back in August and she’s turned into a Daddy’s girl, there will be hell to pay… I’m just not feeling very chatty today. ]]>