Miz Poo (okay, HER I’ll link) has been wandering around with her left eye squinted like Popeye the Kitty-girl, so we took her to the vet’s to drop her off, so they could yank out the offending hairs, which are growing inward and poking her in the eyeball. Upon arrival at the vet, we discovered that they would need to sedate her again, so home we came. Fred’s going to drop her off tomorrow on his way to work so that her last memory of me for the next almost two weeks will not be that of terror, pain, and grogginess. I can’t believe I’m leaving my babies for so long. ::Sob:: Note to self: Don’t forget the cellphone. Or directions. Or extra shoes. And change purses. Did I really think I was all packed?? Okay, I’ll be carefully crafting entries every day, but uploading may be sporadic. If you haven’t joined the notify list, you may want to. You know you want to. Go on, go do it now. Think of me tomorrow between 4:30 am and 5 pm, central mountain time. I’ll be dealing with those damn 18 wheelers. Grrr. Stop babbling and say goodnight, Robyn. Goodnight, Robyn. —–]]>