Okay, she’ll be fine. I know she will, and she’ll be home in a few hours and chatter for hours upon hours about her day. Unless it completely sucked, in which case she probably won’t say a thing about it. If you haven’t read Amy’s entry for today, go do it now. That Amy just cracks me up. Her journal entries from her youth sound a lot like my journal entries from my youth. Not for me were deep, introspective entries (which still holds true today, as you can see). I may have to dig some old journals out. I was never very good at keeping journals going, except for my senior year of high school, when we had to pass our journals in to be read and graded by my favorite high school teacher, who taught Psychology, Mr. Hall. I got A’s on all my journals, thankyouverymuch. In fact, I traded my journal with Pat Schorn – I wonder where he is these days? – and we read each others’, which impressed Mr. Hall so much that in his future Psychology classes, it was a requirement that his students let at least one other student read their journal. I am told I was hated by the victim of this new rule. Anyway, this journal is the longest, most regular journal I’ve ever kept. ::Patting myself on the back:: So, everyone’s doing the cafepress thing, I see. I haven’t ordered the mugs or t-shirts of any journallers yet, but I intend to, once I decide which I want to order. The problem is that I don’t drink coffee – I drink water, out of a big, covered cup with a straw poking out, and when I drink soda it’s out of the bottle or can, ’cause that’s just how classy I am – and I already have too many t-shirts that don’t fit me. I mean, the t-shirts I have will fit me someday (31.5 pounds gone since June 19th, thank you) and I have a whole pile of them, so buying even more won’t do me any good. I guess I could start a collection of mugs, put them on a bookcase shelf and dust them carefully once a month. Hell, I’d start my own store on cafepress if I could come up with a pithy saying. How ’bout a picture of Miz Poo , with "It’s the bitchiest!" and my url? No? Nothing can compare to Patrick‘s "I like string", anyway. It’s Tuesday, so it’s movie rental day! (note to self: need graphic for Movie Rental Day) I rented Erin Brockovich, Cider House Rules (mmm, mmm, Tobey Maguire – I’m a sucker for that gee-whiz face), and Whatever it Takes. Yes, I’m a sucker for silly teeny-bopper movies, just you hush up. I would have rented Here on Earth if they hadn’t all been out. (Trivia: Leelee Sobieski’s full name: Liliane Rudabet Gloria Elsveta Sobieski. Damn, can you imagine trying to memorize a name like that as a child?) Ever since I’ve gotten back from Maine, the pool has been rather cloudy. Fred posited that perhaps it was because the weather here has been so dry, so dust and dirt has been flying into the pool, and instead of the filter filtering it out, it’s been going back into the pool because the particles are so fine. I shrugged and nodded and suggested a time or two that perhaps it was algae, the very thought of which Himself did not want to entertain. Finally, he gave up and took a water sample to the pool store to be analyzed yesterday. Mustard algae. Why must he doubt me? The pool guy, after hearing about the kind of filter we have, shook his head in disgust and asked if Cheap Pool Company (name changed ’cause I don’t want to be sued) had installed our pool. Our filter was not, Fred was informed, big enough to filter our pool, that it wouldn’t really be big enough for a pool smaller than ours. So we bought a sand filter, a big monster of a thing, and the guy came and installed it today. This pool thing is a pain in the ass. Fred on the phone to hispeed, who hosts both his and my web sites: "Will my site be down every day, or just the ones that end in "y"?"]]>