Survivor? That’s twice in a row! Rudy cracked me up, with the not knowing the answers to anything. I can’t believe there’s only one more show. I hope like they hell they run the entire series again; I feel like there’s a lot I missed the first time around. I think they’re editing Sean to look as stupid as possible, personally. I still like Sue, and have ever since she referred to herself as a redneck back on the first or second show. And I like Jeff Probst, too. So there. I would have kicked ass in the reward challenge, just loaded up my bra (or bathing suit top) with mud. I bet it’d hold a good 20 pounds of mud, right there. Man, I’m so unmotivated today (nothing new there). I need to pay bills. I need to burn my vacation pictures to cd for my dad. I need to get my nephew’s birthday cards in the mail (sorry, Deb! At least the presents should be there in time…). I need to clean underneath the sink in the master bathroom. I need to buy some flowers to hang in the back yard, where the catnip was hanging before I failed to water it for two days and killed it. I need to clean the downstairs, so I won’t have as much to clean tomorrow. I need to clean out the garage, because it’s a huge mess. I need a nap. ]]>