The Cider House Rules Saturday night, and I can’t praise it enough. But y’all know that’s ’cause it’s got that cute little Tobey Maguire in it. I just love that boy. Charlize Theron was just not right for him, though. Too "come-hither", if you know what I mean. Hands off, Charlize! Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche broke up, did y’all hear? And Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid are back together! Yay! While I’m doing the entertainment section of Bitchypoo, I have to say that the casting for the Harry Potter movie is pretty darn good, especially the kid playing Ron. The girl who’ll be playing Hermione isn’t quite what I was expecting, though. The pool is back to normal, with sparkling clear water and no nasty algae floating or laying around. I bought an underwater camera at Wal-Mart last week, so one day soon I’ll be getting pictures of Fred blowing water bubbles from the bottom of the pool. So, I was burning a candle on my desk last night (sunflower flavor), and Miz Poo got all interested and went running across my desktop to check it out, sticking her little face as close to the flame as possible. I grabbed her and pulled her back before she burst into flames, butt his morning I note that several of the whiskers directly above her eyes are about half their previous length. It gives her a rakish air.]]>