I always forget what a pretty cat Spot is. Not only pretty, but a true gentleman, and he rules the house with a velvet-covered iron paw. He’ll kick kitty ass if he has to, but only if he truly must. Fancypants and Miz Poo Here we see Miz Poo at the tail end of a Fancypants swish-by. She looks none too pleased. Morning Glories I don’t know what I’m doing right with the Morning Glories, but they sure look happy, don’t they? They’d probably be even happier if they’d been planted in a bigger pot. Escape attempt "I wonder if I can fit under the fence…?" That’s it! Go on, go do something more exciting than sitting in front of your computer. I plan to spend the rest of the day cleaning up hairballs, reading, and possibly napping. Oh, my high-stress, high-pressure life.]]>