David Crockett State Park. It was pretty nice, and of course I took as many pictures as I could before the battery ran out (the downside of taking off on the spur of the moment is that I didn’t have a chance to recharge the battery before we left). Country Store
We always stop at this little country store, because they have awesome fried pies, and occasionally sell the best jam in existence (made by one Mervin Mast and family). We bought a jar of jam, but passed on the fried pies this time. Country Store
That would be the sign out in front of the country store. Exciting, yes? Amish Country
Cool corn-husk piles. They look like they’re just begging to be bonfires, but according to Fred, they use them to feed their horses "or somethin’." Flowers
Fred was just obsessed with these yellow wildflowers, and they were everywhere. Kind of like my kudzu obsession, I guess. He made me take several pictures of them. Flowers
More flowers. Sign
They hang signs out by their mailboxes advertising what they’re selling. This family was apparently selling "sweet potates". (That’s right, Robyn, go for the low blow!) Sign
Another sign (duh). Flowers
The last of the flower pictures. House
An Amish house. That’s not their car in the driveway, though (which you probably already figured). mother and child
We stopped here to get a bag of okra, but Piggy McTakeItAll (the non-Amish person in this picture) took the last of the okra, just before Fred got there. Hmph. Is that a cute kid, or what? the amish Another shot of the same people, though this one isn’t through the windshield. Fred got out of the car and hissed "Don’t be all obvious!", and ordered me to get a picture. Now, it’s a BIG-ASS camera, and you HAVE to hold it up to a certain height to look at the screen. How freakin’ subtle can you be? The kid saw me take both pictures, but the mother was oblivious. Fred said he was afraid they’d think the camera would steal their soul. Hee! Fred and Spud
Fred and the spud, walking to the door of another Amish house, this time to buy tomatoes (and excellent tomatoes they were). Won’t Fred be pleased that I’m posting a picture of his butt on my page! skipping kid This little cutie was skipping from the barn to her house, and I managed to catch her in mid-skip. The family living in this house had around seven kids already, and the mother was pregnant with another. Amish Kid
As Fred was turning the Jeep around, he hissed "Take a picture of these kids! Take it quick!" The other three kids who had been standing there took off, but I got this one. Look, it’s hard to focus and snap the pic when someone’s snarling at you to hurry up! Carriage There were lots of carriages heading our way as we left Amish country to go get lunch. I would have snapped a picture at the state park, but I was out of battery power. That was our Saturday. Sunday and Monday were spent doing laundry, laying around the house, reading, and watching movie after movie. You know, the usual non-stop stuff!