Night at the Roxbury) Quarterback Princess. Lordy, it was odd to see Helen Hunt all cute and young, before she perfected the head-on-a-stick look she currently favors. It’s apparently working well for her, since according to IMDB, she’s got 4 movies in the making this year alone. Speaking of movies, we watched American Psycho the other night. As Fred pointed out, Christian Bale does that asshole look very, very well. I’ll say this for the movie: it didn’t suck as badly as the book, if only because it didn’t last as long. Can I tell you how much I loathe Bret Easton Ellis? He and Jay McInerney were just the toast of the 80s, weren’t they? Oh, they’re so YOUNG, oh, they’re such brilliant writers! Anyone heard from Bret or Jay recently? I didn’t think so. So, I’m thinking about starting a separate diet journal, and it would probably look a lot like, oh, maybe this. I haven’t decided whether it’s something I really want to do; I’ll probably decide one way or the other this weekend. Man, I wish the sun would come out. It’s been crappy, overcast, and in the 70s all week. I think Fred’s going to drag the spud and I to Lynchburg this weekend, and make us take the tour of the Jack Daniel’s plant. Which will be cool, and I’ll be able to take lots of pictures – especially since the battery is charged and everything. Miz Poo has learned a new trick. She discovered that she could jump from the floor to the counter, from the counter to the top of the refrigerator, and from the refrigerator to the top of the cupboards, and therefore she would be at the very highest spot in the house. She was pretty amazed at herself when she did it yesterday, and I managed to get a shot of her up there with the regular camera, since the digital cam was downstairs. It was pretty cute. I’m going to end this for today, folks, but not before I tell you that if you have a lot of hardwood or vinyl floors, you know how quickly dust bunnies of cat fur and litter can accumulate. Well, I have a solution for you, and it’s the Bissell EasyVac Plus. This is far and away the best stick vac I’ve ever owned, and it blows away any of those Dirt Devil products. I use it on the kitchen floor, our hardwood stairs, and around the litter box, and it picks up each and every teeny piece of litter. I can’t recommend it highly enough! And hell, Bissell isn’t even paying me to say that! —–]]>