Tubby sitting there with something hanging out of his mouth. When Fred went closer to see what it was, Tubby growled and ran away. Fred chased him all over the house and finally got him to drop it, and discovered to his unhappiness that it was a tiny little bird – maybe a chickadee? The poor little thing (the bird, not Tubby or Fred)! Did y’all watch "Titans" the other night, the new Aaron Spelling show? Of course I had to watch it, because it looked like it was going to be delightfully cheesy – which it was – but Yasmine Bleeth scared the hell out of me. "What’s wrong with her NOSE?" I kept saying. Fred, who was pretending to sit on the couch and read (but he was really watching the show as much as I was) said "She was so pretty in BASEketball, but she’s just scary now!" Once the show was over, he got out BASEketball, which we unfortunately own, and forwarded to the first Yasmine appearance, and paused it. There was no doubt whatsoever – she’s definitely had a nose job, and not a very good one, at that! So, I know I’ve mentioned that my sister is engaged, but I haven’t said much else. The current tentative plans are that they want to get married in Montana, and the spud and I will meet them and Brian there, spend a few days, and then I’ll bring Brian back to Alabama with us. A few days after that, Debbie and Shaun will drive to Alabama, spend a couple of days here, and then drive home to Maine – or New Hampshire. They’re not sure where they’re going to be living after they get married. I’m all kinds of excited, because not only have I never been to Montana, but I’ve also not been to most of the states between Alabama and Montana (and what’s sad is that I had to go look at a map to see what states are between here and there). It’ll be interesting, that’s for sure – and I hope it happens, so keep your fingers crossed! I’ll leave y’all with this little story. Tuesday afternoon I was downstairs in front of my computer, and Fred was upstairs taking a bath. I was in the middle of reading or writing something, when Fred called down to me in his special "Come give me sex, wench" voice, "Bessieeeee? Come here for a second!" I sighed and shut down whatever I was reading and went upstairs and gave the man his booty. Later, at dinner, the spud said to Fred "How come you called Momma upstairs and then shut and locked the bedroom door? What happened?" I jumped in and said "What do you think happened?" She said "I thought maybe Fred had killed a cat!" (because she mistook his tone as being one of horror at something that had happened). Fredtheperv grinned at me and said "That’s pretty close!"