Miz Poo has weird fur for a cat – it’s wiry and wavy, kinda, and I think I’ve mentioned it here before, but she has a problem with hairs growing inward through her eyelids and poking her in the eye. When I was in Maine in August, Fred took her to the vet, and they put her under, plucked the offending hairs, and cauterized the eyelid so that it wouldn’t happen again. Two days ago, she started making like Popeye with the eye that hadn’t been cauterized, so we figured that she was having the same problem again. Fred called and made an appointment for me to bring her in, which I did at 7 this morning. They sedated her and prepared to pluck the hairs from her eyelid, then discovered that that wasn’t the problem – she just had a corneal abrasion in that eye. So, basically I paid $113 for ointment to put in her eye three times a day, and she’s weaving around the house like a drunken sailor, and all the other cats are hissing at her because she smells like the animal hospital. Poor Poo. Oh hell, let’s make this an all-about-cats edition of Bitchypoo, shall we? The Tubbyman got into something outside the other night, and came in all streaked and dirty looking. We took a picture of him (of course), and then Fred wrestled him into the bathtub and used several rags to wipe him down.

The boy with the dirty, uh, everything

Wednesday night, we were watching something – the debates, maybe? – on TV, and Spanky was rolling around on the floor looking for love. Fred reached down and scratched him on the head, and Spanky stretched his ears out to the side and half closed his eyes. He looked more than a little tetched, if you know what I mean, and we immediately renamed him Gomer. We couldn’t get him to do that particular look again, but here’s a picture we did. You’ll note he doesn’t quite look like he’s "all there."

the dorkiest cat in the south

Speaking of Spanky, I was walking across the dining room to get a set of sheets out of the wardrobe that is located therein, and he was sitting in the patch of sunlight in the middle of the floor. With one leg kicked over his head, he was licking himself loudly, and I glanced down at him. He was sporting a little kitty erection. As soon as he saw me looking, he put his leg down and appeared vaguely embarrassed. "I saw what you were doing!" I informed him, sounding like a disapproving mother. He glared at me and then closed his eyes as if hoping I’d just go away. Hmmm… Cat hairs, dirty cats, tetched cats, and kitty erections. I think that covers it!