I had a whole slew of things I wanted to write about, but my brain cells have flown the coop and I’m left here with a big, cartoonish question mark hanging over my head. Hmph. What did I want to write about? Not a clue. I went to the movie store today, since Tuesday is Movie Rental Day. Tex told Fred that Frequency came out today, so we were both all kinds of excited, since – as you know – we never ever go to the movies and instead wait until they come out on video. However, once again Tex was wrong – an unbroken record, I believe – and Frequency doesn’t come out ’til the 31st. Oh, that reminds me that I need to get a costume for the spud for Halloween. She’s going to be the guy from Scream. Since Frequency didn’t come out today, I rented Keeping the Faith, Toy Story 2, But I’m a Cheerleader, and one other movie I can’t recall and am too lazy to go check it out. I spent the majority of the morning lolling about the house finishing my current book (The Ladies Man, which was unexpectedly funny) and cuddling with Miz Poo, who doesn’t appear to be feeling very well. Shortly before I was about to leave to rent movies and get lunch (Wendy’s, if you must know), Fred called and informed me that he and his partners were about to take a bonus. I told him I’d be in around 1:30 to help out, since the new office manager, Kristi, hadn’t done bonuses, and I wanted to be there to help out. I was there yesterday too, as a matter of fact, showing her how to pay the payroll taxes and do all the retirement stuff (borrrrring), but it was kind of fun sitting in her office and chatting. She’s pretty funny and really nice, and it appears she’ll work out a lot better than the last one. Anyway, to my surprise, Fred suggested that we deposit his bonus check, and then take $250 in cash and split it, and that way he can get the rest of the books in the series he’s reading, and I could buy Mastercook, among other things. Like I’m gonna say no to THAT. So I stopped on the way home and deposited the check and got money from the ATM. I still had a lot of my allowance left, and now I have another $125, which ROCKS. Now I just have to decide what to spend it on. —–]]>