I was sitting in front of my computer staring at it blankly as I surfed from site to site this morning at 9:30, when the phone rang. It was the new office manager, and she said "Hi, Robyn!" (’cause that’s my name) "What’re you doing?" "Uhhhh…." I said, casting around for something smart-ass or impressive to say. "Uhhhh… Uhhhh…. Nothing, actually!" She was calling to ask if I could come in and lend a helping hand for a while, which I was pleased to do, and the whole time I showered and stopped by the movie store and then went into the office and chatted with her and helped out and then went to Wal-Mart and stopped by Wendy’s and then came home, my brain cells were hard at work trying to come up with a smart-ass answer. I tend toward the smart-ass – I’m sure that shocks you. Aside from "I’m trying to figure out where to hide the body", nothing comes to mind. I blame my lack of brain activity on Miz Poo, who kneaded as hard as she could on my carotid arteries at 2 this morning, blocking off blood flow to my brain for a good five minutes. I bought a pair of New Balance running shoes at Just for Feet yesterday, and they suck. It’s not the fault of the shoes, but rather the fault of me, who knows that I need a 9 WIDE, not a 9 MEDIUM, and yet decided that the shoes would stretch enough to be comfortable, and halfway through my 1.9 mile walk this morning, I was ready to kick my own ass for being such a dumbass. I just do NOT want to go back into Just For Feet, because they play their music at a deafening level, and I can’t hear anything they say so I just nod and smile.

I wonder if I can talk Fred into returning them for me… ::blink::blink:: Pleeeeeeease?