Birmingham Zoo for a few hours before we come home. The trip is one of the spud’s birthday presents, and I think she’s looking forward to it since she’s been driving us crazy with 16 zillion questions – "What time are we leaving? What time is the show? How long is the show? What hotel are we staying at? Where will we have dinner? What animals do they have at the zoo?" We finally had to put a moratorium on trip-related questions before she literally drove us right out of our minds. Speaking of the spud, she was in rare form last night. After dinner, she has a small list of chores to do (put the dishes in the dishwasher, wipe off the counters and table, feed and water the cats, take the trash out)(hey, don’t give me that look, that’s why I had a kid, to do all the crappy daily chores!)(kidding), and as she did her chores last night, she sang the entire time. "Hey," I said to Fred, "I guess she’s happy!" She was doing the dishes or something else and singing some song she had made up when she paused for a moment to belch loudly, and without hesitation she continued singing. It was pretty cute.